A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Sometimes these things just write themselves. Dirk Nowitzki on stage playing the tambourine. Gold!

* Get your Dwight Howard ‘loyalty’ T-shirt. And the best part – it’s no joke, the Orlando Magic had these printed and you can buy them on the team’s website. So yes, they’re serious! Like I’ve said, these guys are living on another planet (and if you’ve ever been to Orlando, that’s not hard to believe….).

* A bored J.R. Smith rides around New York at 2 am with some of his Twitter followers.

* Kendrick Perkins may very well have the cutest kid in the league.

* Amar’e Stoudemire attends Game 5 of the ECF, wearing a denim vest.

* Check out what JaVale McGee and Ian Mahinmi are getting up to in their offseason.

* The best of Gregg Popovich. Hilarious!

* Tony Parker with a horrible horrible flop.

* Having missed out on Anthony Davis, the woeful Charlotte Bobcats are offering up a ‘buy this season, get next season free’ offer on their season ticket packages. Yikes. And check out the video at the bottom, of the Bobcats’ lame ‘viewing party’ of the draft lottery draw.

* Strange story of the week; a masseuse dies after collapsing at Chris Bosh’s Miami Beach home on Monday.

* KG knocks out some in-game ‘knuckle’ push ups during Game 3.

* Serge Ibaka throws down a vicious cuff dunk on Timaay in Game 4.

* SI’s Zach Lowe weighs in on the “is LeBron clutch” debate. A brilliant piece as usual.

* Andray Blatche plays in a Miami rec league game, and loses.

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