A quick 3-2-1 to cover this stunning Celtics victory…

3 votes – Kevin Garnett. What more can Boston ask of KG? Not only did he deliver another 20-10 and set the tone defensively, but he also knocked down two clutch free-throws that iced the game. If the Celtics go on to win this series, we’ll probably look back on KG’s performances one day and say “well, he did it without Chris Bosh”. But it’s one thing to match up against a weakness, and another thing altogether to exploit it. Put it this way… if KG had turned in respectable averages of 15-8 (like he did in the regular season) the Heat would probably have advanced already. Boston needed KG to play this well, and he delivered.

2 votes – Mickael Pietrus. For the two massive threes he drained late in the fourth. Dare I say it, that was almost… James Posey like?

1 vote – Paul Pierce. For maybe my favorite shot of these playoffs so far. Love the stare down, love the fact it’s over LeBron, love his reaction after it. This was a heart-breaker. I know that because two of my buddies who follow Miami texted me simultaneosly when that shot went in. One message said “Of course. Paul Pierce”, the other said “Fuck you Paul Pierce”.

And as for me? Well I just smiled.

I love Paul Pierce.

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