It took them three attempts at it, but as we all expected – the Oklahoma City Thunder finally put an end to the phenomenal win streak by the San Antonio Spurs. In this game three matchup, Patty Mills also logged ten minutes, the circumstances were unfortunate.

3 votes – Kevin Durant. It wasn’t a night that we’ve grown accustomed to from Kevin Durant, scoring just 22 points, on 17 shot attempts. He didn’t have it from down town and had trouble getting to the line, but that dunk on Timmy and the Red Rocket got me out of my seat (and scared the crap out of my dog).

2 votes – Thabo Sefolosha. Some might think that taking ten three’s in a game is a little excessive, but I’m a chucking enthusiast and if you’re hitting 40% of those, I say go right ahead. A big night for Thabo who logged over 36 minutes with 19 points, 6 boards and 5 steals.

1 vote – Patty Mills. Speaking of chucking, our boy from down under logged some minutes in this loss for the Spurs. Patty got 5 shots up in 10 minutes (respect) made 1 of them, and scored three points. But hey, Patty’s in the conference finals baby!

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