A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Ricky Rubio laying on the baggage carousel at an airport, watchin’ hoop. As you do.

* A ‘flop off’ between Manu Ginobili (who else) and James Harden in Game 1 of the WCF.

* Chris Kaman is one weird dude.

* LeBron taunts KG by laughing in his face during the Heat’s Game 1 beatdown over Boston in the ECF. Love it!

* DeShawn Stevenson has an ATM in his kitchen.

* Gregg Popovich flips out on Tony Parker during their Game 2 win over the Thunder. How many other coaches in the league would publicly eviscerate their best player like that (whilst he’s playing awesome basketball), and get away with it? Answer – none. Best coach in the NBA and it’s not close.

* Dwayne Wade rockin’ pink hot pants.

* The San Antonio Spurs are proving that the famous line from former Bulls GM Jerry Krause – “players don’t win championships, organizations do” – is in fact, true.

* Last week it was Tracy McGrady in a Chinese beer commercial, and now we have Shaq flogging the same brew.

* Mike Woodson was retained as coach of the New York Knicks. Why, you ask, when there’s several top-flight coaches available (ex. Sloan, McMillan, Van Gundy and Jackson)? Well, Hardwood Paroxysm have the probable answer.

* David West leaves some young Indy fans hanging after their Game 6 loss to Miami. Prick.

* An interesting feature on Chris Bosh.

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