A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Tracy McGrady in a Chinese beer commercial. Yeah, that beer will be flying off the shelves now….

* Indiana bench warmer and noted deadbeat Lance Stephenson mocks LeBron James with a choke sign during their Game 3 win over the Heat. With all they’ve been through with the Malice in the Palace etc., if I were the Pacers I’d can his arse right now. Not surprisingly, the Heat dished out some old-school retribution on him too, in the form of a vicious elbow to the throat from hired goon (and useless basketball player) Dexter Pittman. Hate to say it, but I like it.

* Adam Morrison is looking a bit shabbier than usual these days.

* Some kid gets a picture of the ‘Red Rocket’ Matt Bonner shaved into his head, and then gets suspended by his school. Not to worry though, the Spurs ended up giving him free tickets to a playoff game and some autographed memorabilia. Sweet!

* Kobe Bryant turns back the clock with a nasty reverse slam in Game 5 against the Thunder.

* From the same game, if you haven’t seen the ridiculous Russell Westbrook and-one bank shot, check it out.

* Deron Williams has been hanging around the Nets’ free agent mini-camps this week. That’s surprising, to say the least. I think most people, myself included, saw Williams leaving the Nets for greener pastures this offseason and rightfully so, because they’ve just about botched every move they’ve made this year. But this news (and the fact he was recently in Turkey and Russia with Prokhorov and Kirilenko) indicates that the Nets are very much in play. I just hope he’s not getting seduced by the big move to Brooklyn. Remember Deron, you can’t put lipstick on a pig….

* Kyrie Irving disguised as an old man, schools a bunch of dudes on a playground. Note sure if the whole thing was rigged, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

* A James Harden cake?

* It looks like Shaquille O’Neal may be interviewed for the GM opening in Orlando. I’ll repeat that, Shaquille O’Neal may be interviewed for the GM opening in Orlando. That’s the same Shaquille O’Neal who left them high and dry (for the Lakers) in 1996, and the same guy who has revealed himself in recent years to be an egotistical buffoon with spotty league-wide hoops knowledge. These guys running the Magic have clearly lost their minds.

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