And this year it was drained by Oklahoma City, as the Lakers in the end basically rolled over for the Thunder to the tune of 106-90. In the East, Boston took care of business at home against the Sixers.

I didn’t see much of today’s games due to uni work and $2 taco Tuesdays, so I’ll just have votes for the day.

3 votes – Brandon Bass. Brandon Bass is one of those sneaky players who is very easy to miss on a basketball court – then you look up and realise he’s strung together a double double. He didn’t quite do that tonight, but with 27 points, was Boston’s leading scorer. You’d have to say the Celtics well and truly won the Bass/Big Baby trade now.

2 votes – Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant. Can’t separate them. This was a true team win by the Thunder that was even more convincing than the scoreboard. Westbrook had 28 points – Durant 25 and 10 rebounds as well. I didn’t get to see much of this game so I’m not gonna say too much.

1 vote – Kobe Bryant. This was a game for the Kobe haters. I have to give him a vote simply for scoring 42 points, but the duck egg in the assists column said it all.

Kobe’s passing has been taken apart for years. And yes it’s true that Gasol and Bynum seemed to be half asleep for most of the game. But again it comes down to that “make your teammates better” thing. This, more than anything, is why Kobe will never be able to be compared to Jordan. Yes, he has become a better and more willing passer over the years, but he doesn’t have the ability to take his team to a higher level without scoring, the way Bird, Magic and MJ all could, and the way that, yes, LeBron can do on occasion. Still, you can’t ignore the man’s fight in a losing cause in this game. That alone is worth props.

Honourable mention goes to my boy Martin (a Celtics fan)’s boy Greg Stiemsma, who scored 10 points (5/5 from the field) and notched up 3 blocks. Gotta love those white stiffs.

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