Oklahoma City of course have it, and the old men of the Celtics seemed to be drinking from it all game. Just a quick rundown of the points from me tonight, since nothing really out of the ordinary happened. The Celtics resumed normality in their series with a fairly convincing 107-91 win over Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City got out of jail against the Lakers due to a Steve Blake miss which saw some pretty ugly shit directed at Blake and his wife over Twitter. Stay classy, Laker fans.

3 votes – Kevin Garnett. Ponce de Leon was wrong – the fountain of youth exists somewhere in Boston and KG is drinking heavily from it before traveling for games. He’s playing like a man possessed these playoffs, putting up a 27/13 and PER of +27. The Sixers have some good wing defenders in Iguodala and Evan Turner but don’t have anyone who can deal with KG’s stretch shooting ability – he doesn’t provide a lot more on offense these days but he doesn’t need to either.

2 votes – Kevin Durant This was a business game for Durant. 22/7/5 is a mediocre statline by his standards, but in an ugly game dominated by defense it was what his team needed as well as hitting the game-winning floater with 18 seconds to go. He’s evolved from a poor (when he came into the league) to a solid defensive player who uses his smarts and physical advantages for his position on both ends of the court consistently. At some point these playoffs/off-season I plan to write a full article on Durant so I’ll leave him here.

1 vote – Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo Pierce had a 24/12 game – Rondo had a 23/6/14. The scoreboard doesn’t do justice for just how much of an ass-whipping the Celtics gave Philly this game. The Sixers probably believed just a bit too much of their own hype for this one – it’ll be interesting not only to see what they do in their next game but also to see Indiana tomorrow and whether they fall into the same trap.

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