A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Andrew Bynum channels his inner JaVale McGee – he strangely tries to steal the ball from teammate Steve Blake in the dying seconds of their win over San Antonio (last week), in order to jack up a three. I mean, really? After all thats happened? Bynum’s a beast but he’s starting to look like a lunatic.

* As the title says, Delonte West gives Gordon Hayward a ‘Wet Willy’. It cost him $25,000, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s probably the most expensive wet willy ever administered.

* See, Kobe Bryant does coach the Lakers.

* New Jersey Net’s play-by-play announcers Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello have an on-air tiff during a broadcast.

* Things boil over in the Bobcats’ locker room as coach Paul Silas shoves Tyrus Thomas.

* Carlos Boozer has released his own rap song, titled “Winning Streak”. Stick to basketball, Carlos.

* Blake Griffin botches a wide open dunk.

* Here’s another reason why I dislike Jamal Crawford. And can someone please explain to me why so many teams seem to be interested in the guy? To me, Crawford’s the most over-hyped player in the league; he’s grossly inefficient (i.e. he’s a chucker), can’t defend a lick, has a tendency to sulk and he’s never actually helped a team win meaningful basketball games. So if that’s considered to be a desirable player, then it just confirms my suspicions that some NBA GMs couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

* Gilbert Arenas comes clean on the gun incident.

* Check out this Jeremy Lin action figure made by a Taiwanese sculptor.

* Jordan Hill appreciates Tony Parker’s crossover.

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