A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Russell Westbrook destroys Omer Asik.

* Dirk Nowitzki with a one-legged step-back off-glass game winner. Wow!

* Apparently Dwight Howard will push for Stan Van Gundy’s removal this offseason. Considering that Van Gundy’s stellar coaching is the reason why this horrible Magic squad still masquerades as a good team, it’s just more evidence of how clueless Dwight really is. If I were Stan, I would take my underappreciated talents elsewhere.

* A.J. Price makes weird faces at an oblivious Tyler Hansbrough, for no apparent reason.

* Deron Williams: “I didn’t ask to be here (New Jersey). I got traded. I didn’t come here being a free agent.” Adiós.

* Some bozos give DeMarcus Cousins a free Porsche. Yeah, like these pampered millionaires need free luxury cars too.

* NBA scouts are giddy over Kentucky big man Anthony Davis.

* Charles Barkley dressed in drag. Yikes!

* After hinting at it all season long, Steve Nash finally comes out and delivers the message – barring an immediate return to contention (which is not going to happen) he will leave the Suns and move on at the end of the season. Big surprise. Those dopes in the Phoenix front office should have seen it coming.

* Some dude named Mohammad El Akkari scored 113 points in a Lebanese league game. He made 32 3-pointers in 59 attempts, and was 40-for-69 overall from the floor.

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