I was sitting bored in a lecture when I flipped on HoopsHype to see if the trade deadline buzz had built up to anything.

Then I read the headline.

“The Milwaukee Bucks are trading Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown.”

I think my heart almost went into tachycardia.

I’m writing this basically two minutes after I read the news when I managed to stop going mental in my head and somewhat coherently gather my mind.

OK, first of all, let me tackle the smaller parts of this deal first. Captain Jack was a hero in the Bay once upon a time – but he wore out his welcome once he got a new contract and started pouting. He seems to have a bitch fit about his deal every season even if he has plenty of time left on it. Whether he keeps it up in his second Golden State stint remains to be seen. I’m guessing he’s gonna play some 2 and 3 and give us depth – the guy could still play last year and his lack of time this season has been more due to feuding with Scott Skiles. If he can handle coming off the bench, good, if not, he needs to go one way or another.

As for Ekpe, he is what he is. He’s a top shot blocker and plays good D, but he’s not an offensive threat and doesn’t rebound well enough. I still think he can be a valuable role player for a good team though. Kwame is Kwame. Enough said.

Now let’s tackle the main parts of the deal.

My excitement comes not just from the fact that my team has added a franchise center, but just who it is. Having the best Aussie baller in the NBA – probably the best of all time when all is said and done – on my favourite team is almost making me want to have an orgasm. Fuck this crowded lecture theatre. Who needs Dwight Howard? WE GOT THE BOGEYMAN BITCHES!!!! I never believed it could actually happen.

(P.S. Rob, JT – if he gives us another interview and you don’t let me do it I will never write for NBAMate again. I’m not going to turn into a fanboy, but I need to know some Warrior secrets as well).

Emotion and bias aside, we all know what the big man can do. He’s a top-5 center in the NBA and one of the best defensive players in the league who can defend almost any big one-on-one with ease. If it wasn’t for Dwight Howard and injuries he’d be an annual All-Star. Golden State haven’t had a franchise center since…Wes Unseld? Now we get one who’s a perfect fit for this team. His presence inside covers up our weaker defensive guys (Curry and Lee in particular), he gives us a legit post threat which frees up Lee to play the pick and roll/mid range area and he gives Jeremy Tyler someone to learn from.

Of course, the injury question is the big one with Bogut, and the main reason the Bucks made him available. However, the Warriors medical staff are pretty good (not Phoenix’s but up there with the rest). I love love love love love this deal.

Well, except that it means saying goodbye to Monta. But I’ll have a separate piece on him tomorrow or so. My relationship as a GSW fan with Monta Ellis is too complex to just give a mention.

Anyway, I better go. I was actually writing up a presentation that I had failed to do any work on earlier before I read the news. Gotta wing something in seven minutes.

Curse you, trade deadline and what is now gonna be a constant flow of news.

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