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The Golden State Warriors have agreed in principle to trade guard Monta Ellis and two players to the Milwaukee Bucks for center Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Warriors will send forward Ekpe Udoh and injured center Kwame Brown to the Bucks as part of a package for Bogut, one of the NBA’s most talented – but also often-injured – centers. The deal will be officially completed later Tuesday night, one executive involved in the trade said.”

If you’re familiar with my stuff, you know I’ve been riding the ‘get Bogut out of Milwaukee’ bandwagon for some time now, so I am pretty thrilled with this trade. From the Bucks perspective, I have no idea what they are doing (Jennings and Ellis in the same backcourt??), besides trying to maintain their excellent record in mediocrity. But you know what? Who cares, AB has been freed.

My preference would have been to see him land on a playoff-calibre team, but you can’t have everything. I pick on the Warriors something rotten, but they appear to be moving in the right direction with this trade. With their terrific fanbase, the new ownership’s commitment to winning and a nice young core of Curry/Thompson/Lee to surround the defensive-minded Bogut, Golden State could finally be in a position to make some serious noise next year and beyond – assuming Bogut returns to full health of course.

The immediate plan for the Warriors should be tanking, tanking and more tanking, because if their lottery pick is outside of the top-seven (which it currently is) then they will lose it to the Utah Jazz. So, find a mysterious ailment for David Lee, sit Steph Curry and his gammy ankles for the remainder of the season, and give the young guys (Thompson/Tyler) and end-of-bench scrubs some burn. It will be as obvious as hell, but the league can’t do shit about it and it’s the right move to take.

Go you Warriors!!

# Stay tuned; our resident Warriors’ man, Ash, will give his reaction to the trade.

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