A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* LeBron James has a man-purse. And is that top of D-Wade’s painted on?

* Landry Fields can actually sing.

* It’s not looking good for Patty Mills. Can’t say I am surprised.

* The Dallas Mavericks have had a gutful of Lamar Odom.

* Michael Beasley mistakes Anthony Tolliver’s knee for his own, and gives it a rub. Funny.

* More on the dysfunction within the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office.

* Timmy Duncan winds back the clock, abuses ‘Birdman’ Anderson.

* Check out Zach Randolph’s car collection.

* West Coast Eagle Nic Naitanui dunks over the courtside announcer during a timeout of an NBL game. Impressive.

* Our man SP over at Hoop Downunder drills down into the seemingly forgotten law of NBA basketball – size still matters.

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