Don’t confuse this for a knucklehead list; I’ve already done that. No, these are the guys that for whatever reason just get under your skin. They’re the itch that can’t be scratched.

5. Carlos Boozer

There’s not much to like about this guy. You’ve got that silly manicured beard, the bogus hair, the sloppy D, the excessive screams, being overpaid, injury-prone and repeatedly coming up short in the clutch. Did I miss anything?

And I am probably drawing a rather long bow here, but he may end up being the reason why the Chicago Bulls don’t win a title in the Derrick Rose era. They’ve capped themselves out by paying Boozer as the second option to Rose when he’s clearly not up to the job. And they should have known that.

And this label that seems to have stuck, that he’s supposedly a ‘low-post’ player, is just plain wrong. If you believe that nonsense then you’re not watching the game too closely; on the offensive end he’s a jump-shooter and little else.

4. Josh Smith

He is what he is – a tremendous athlete, a great defender when he wants to be, a borderline All-Star and someone who just can’t resist taking bad shots. If he ever cut this crap out of his game he could reach his potential as the ‘mini KG’. But don’t hold your breath.

3. Corey Maggette

He’s a loafer. We know Maggette’s got a boatload of talent but he’s made minimal improvement since entering the league; he’s a one-trick pony and seems to always go at half speed. If he spent as much time working on his game as he did his biceps, he could actually earn some part of his exorbitant $10 million per year salary. But in the current state, you’d need to pay me to take him on.

2. Drew Gooden

This clown thinks he’s an All-Star. I implore you to watch him closely when he’s on the floor (and check his box scores for the number of shots attempted); he shoots the ball almost every time he gets his hands on it. It’s staggering. And I’ve always wondered, has someone ever told him that there’s a reason why he’s open?

My pet peeve is players who can’t recognise their limitations (and coaches who don’t punish them for it), and without a doubt Drew Gooden is the captain of that ship. And I am very surprised that a coach like Scott Skiles has let it slide.

1. Vince Carter

Let’s be honest, Vince Carter is a punch line. It’s quite comical actually; despite his rapid decline over the last few years, he still struts, he still preens and he’s still a fraud.

He was blessed with a level of talent and skill that is equal to, if not greater than Kobe Bryant, but he’s clearly not in the same stratosphere as Kobe when it comes to intensity, competitiveness and a will to win. I try not to begrudge him for that, everyone’s different, but it’s difficult to get past the ‘what-if’ with Wince.

When there’s no pressure and no expectations, he’s you’re man. But put him under the spotlight when the cream will usually rise to the top (playoffs), and he’ll fold like a cheap suit.

And over the last few years have you noticed how he’s everyone’s friend on the court, always joking around, being the clown? If you ask me, that’s just a strategy to try and mask his failures and shortcomings. Well, it ain’t workin Vince.

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