A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Stephon Marbury wishes us a happy Chinese New Year.

* Kobe Bryant loses three mansions and $75 million in his divorce settlement. Something tells me he’ll be alright though.

* Zach Lowe examines the possibilities (or lack thereof) in Boston.

* Gee, Dirk really is struggling at the moment. Watch him make a meal of this drink.

* The New York Knicks are a bad dream.

* The T-Wolves are playing a dangerous game with Kevin Love.

* Check out this brilliant interview by Matt Steinmetz with Warriors coach Mark Jackson. If only more interviewers were this forthright.

* Chris Paul is putting down roots in LA. He’s reportedly agreed to buy Avril Lavigne’s $8.5 million Bel Air mansion.

* TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott examines the impact that heavy minutes play on a team’s title chances.

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