A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* The Charlotte Observer reports that Baron Davis is recovering from a “herniated d*ck”.

* A few laughers from The Basketball Jones – A ‘flop-off’ in Chicago, and KG gets testy with a cup of water.

* Andrew Bynum “was pulled over by the police in early December for allegedly trying to pass another vehicle … by crossing a divider and driving on the wrong side of the road.” Yikes.

* ESPN’s Rick Reilly engages in a fascinating exchange with the very frank Kobe Bryant.

* Who said Germans aren’t funny (not me, I am married to one) – Dirk Nowitzki, a ‘dramatic reading’ and a Britney Spears chorus. This is gold!

* The ‘King’s’ camp rejects a birthday cake valued at $3,000 – as you do.

* Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski paints a bleak picture in New York, and goes to town on Mike D’Antoni.

* The guys at NBAPlaybook.com break down Ricky Rubio’s impressive game.

* Dennis Rodman to coach a topless women’s basketball team.

* People still ask for the ‘Deron Williams fade’ in Salt Lake City barber shops.

* Just stumbled into this one – a picture of Shaq and his girlfriend. If only she was a tad shorter…..

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