Note: The opinions and f-bombs expressed in this post belong solely to one very pissed off NBA fan and blogger, and are not necessarily fit for consumption by children and/or mothers.

This how we gonna do this.

F**k David Stern.
F**k Billy Hunter.
F**k the NBA, the NBAPA, their members, their owners and their organisations,
And if you wanna be down with them then f**k you too.
Derek Fisher, f**k you too.
Paul Allen, Dan Gilbert, even you Michael Jordan. F**k you.
All y’all motherf**kers die slow now motherf**kers.

I’m just too furious right now at both sides to say more. I spent my whole night at work checking Twitter while typing up half-arsed work bits, my mind not fully on the job, all in the hope that somehow sanity would prevail.

It didn’t.

To hell with this season. Hell I doubt we have 82 games NEXT season. I highly doubt the players union has any idea the kind of Pandora’s Box of litigation they’ve opened up right now. This shit is going to take years to solve.

And you know what? At this moment, I don’t f**king care. Tomorrow night, I’m still going to go ball with my mates. We’re still going to have some college ball and even Euroleague stuff going. 2K12 tournaments. Who f**king needs the NBA? Who needs a bunch of rich old white men who think their shit doesn’t stink pulling the strings of a bunch of young dumb meatheads who’ve been raised to think their shit doesn’t stink?

Newsflash for both sides: Fans aren’t impressed by this shit. Players, we don’t care about “respect.” You guys are bitching over “respect” when there’s more money on both sides than most of us will ever see in our lives. Acting tough on Twitter doesn’t make fans like you more. As for owners, well. What can I say. I sincerely hope some of you die soon.

I’m outta here. Call me in three or four years when my anger at both sides has a chance to subside.


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