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The Revolution Continues: NY trade for Carmelo Anthony

If you have been sleeping under a rock, or were busy trying to find a Valentine’s Day date, you may have missed the climax to the biggest talking point in the NBA this season. As was suggested back in the off season, and strongly supported here in our December Edition Carmelo Anthony finally wiggled his way to the Knicks. My thoughts on the trade are as follows in no particular order:

- Adrian Wojarnoski is the biggest Knick hater in the world.
- Melo better be worth it.
- Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg
- YES!!! It’s over!!!
- This will ease the pressure for Amar’e.
- He’s no Lebron, but he’s one of the few next best things.
- Rodney ‘Big Shot’ Lawrence owes me $10
- This is probably the biggest thing that has happened to the Knicks besides their 2 titles, and getting the #1 pick in ’85
- We can sneak into the 2nd round.
- I’m going out to eat those New York buffalo wings at Lindos in East Ringwood
- I wonder if Billups has still got it?
- DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, the Felton jersey my wife got for Christmas is useless!
- PHEEWWWWWWWW, the Landry Fields top my man Jamie hooked me up with is still useful!
- 2 of the 10 All-Star starters now play for New York? You mean Jackie Butler Is no longer considered an integral piece?

- Mozgov, I salute you. One last time, Mozzie Mozzie Mozzie, Oi! Oi! Oi!
- NY vs. Miami rivalry could be intense over next few years
- The Balkman is back, it’s like Ronny Turiaf’s twin brother just rocked up, these guys will probably pass out on the bench one day as neither will know when to stop supporting like crazy.
- Sheldon Williams still looks like he just walked off the set of Coneheads.
- I’m not going to know what to do every morning when I eat my muffin (the ones that save the world Puppy!) every morning, I can’t check the ‘Melo status’ anymore. Maybe I’ll just eat another Spicy Fruit muffin ($3 at Coles for 6, get on it).
- Car-Friggen-Melo Anthony!
- Is the 3rd superstar thing now possible?
- Must.Keep.Isiah.Away.
- The Cock is gone?
- Pretty sure we have 6 players left, no big men who can play over 15 minutes, and Landry Fields has just jumped up from the kids table to the adults table.
- Felton is gonna be pissed.
- We gave up too much!
- Chauncey, Melo, Amar’e, Fields, man we’re gonna kill it.
- Crap, we play Miami next week.
- Yes, we play Cleveland next week.
- I get a cat! Melo, come here boy!

- Pretty sure my internet bill on my iPhone is gonna be 6 figures or more.
- When Donnie and Mike too over the team in 2008, we had a line up headlined by Zack Randolph and Jamal Crawford. Nice players, did a decent job in NY, but in under 3 seasons, we upgraded to Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Mike D’Antoni’s system has helped a lot of guys, and Donnie Walsh worked the cap like a game.
- Watch all of the bandwagon riders jump on board the NY train!|
- We gotta do all of this again with CP3 in 2012.
- How often can you pick up a 26ppg scorer at the age of 26, and team him up with a guy who has been receiving MVP chants this year? Not often.
- Man I wish we didn’t give up Felton. Although, he has fallin’ off a bit lately.
- Charles Barkley is going to turn this somehow against the Knicks even though we had to move now. Melo was going to get pushed into the extention by CAA, so if we didn’t trade for him, he would have signed in NJ or Denver and got his $. We gave up some bits, but NO ONE knew what would happen after the deadline, hate to have a ‘what if’ like Melo hanging over the franchise for the next decade.
- Bufffff-a-llooooooo wiiiiiiiiings!
- Can I push for 2 cats? Amar’e and Melo!
- Wonder if Amar’e will begin to get jealous?
- Toney Douglas will benefit from a bit of quiet time with B B B Billups.
- If we didn’t make the trade, we were a nice team, now we are a nasty team.
- Gallo will probably become an All-Star, damn it!
- The NY guys going to Denver are going to struggle with less shot attempts and courtime.
- Grant Hill drinks sprite?
- Corey Brewer. Hmmmm. I hope he can still do this
- HAHAHAHA just take a look at Sheldon Williams, at least just once!
- Must find cheap tickets to NY.
- Damn, I’m going to need to think of something to write about this in my next blog, maybe I can just do a zainy list?

That should do it from me.

Here is the first press conference on the night of Chauncey and Carmelo’s debut.

Monthly Migraines

- Giving up Gallinari, Felton, Chandler and Mozgov (recently married in Vegas, hopefully he was not on the Russian Water at the time) sucks. Mozgov averaged 4pts, 3rebs, and 30 fumbles per game, but I liked how he dropped 23 & 14 against the Pistons (Surely the need to be relegated to the WNBA for a season?). The Cock, as you know was one of my favs, I even pushed him to get on the NBAMate Wall of Fame. His 3pt shooting and very underrated ability to draw fouls will be much missed, as will his “I could do this all day” look after draining a clutch three in someone’s grill. Felton nearly played his way into the All-Star festivities, but sadly played himself out. I love his fire and bulldog type leadership. Will def miss his competiveness come playoff time. Chandler is another guy I’ve been following since he entered the league, and I wish him the best. This one doesn’t hurt as much as we would have struggled to re-sign Chandler, AND sign Melo in the offseason. He is an unrestricted FA, and should get a nice pay day this off season.
- The Cavs? Really?
- How come Elton Brand looks about 10 years younger against us?
- Amar’e had to sit a game against New Jersey with a sprained big toe.

Monthly Miracles

- Carmelo Anthony is a Knick.
- Fields leads the league in 4th quarter 3pt percentage.
- We beat the Nets (nice swipe for D Will!) without Amar’e. Basically the Nuggets traded for the team who beat the Nets minus Landry.
- Finally got a dub over the Hawks.
- In just his 3rd game as a Knick, Carmelo drops 29pts as the Knicks top the Miami Heat on the road. Kiel, suck on that. When the Knicks lost to the Cavs you were all over it. But when we beat the team you go for (aka wherever your hero LeBron is ) you say “it’s just one game”. Good logic. The Knicks and Heat have now split their season series at 2-2, with the last 2 games having a playoff like atmosphere. Would be a dream come true for the NBA to have a Heat/Knicks match up these playoffs, someone call JVG!

February Heroes

- Carmelo Anthony – 29pt & 9rebs to top LeBron in his 3rd game as a Knick, priceless.
Amar’e Stoudemire – Has done a lot of little things in Feb, including his 41pts vs. Philly, his strong game against Al Horford, his game saving block against the Heat, as well as being a drawing card for Carmelo!
- Chauncey Billups – Instant impact, proving the trade was much more than just Melo.
- Donnie Walsh/James Dolan/Isiah Thomas/The Tooth Fairy – Whoever you think is responsible for the Melo deal deserves some props.
- Jared Sutton – Welcome aboard
- Lindos New York Buffalo Wings – Get on it!

February Villains

- The Denver FO – for cleaning out our assets!
- All anti-NY media – For getting their knickers (pun.intended.) in a twist.
- Kiel Sutherland – xo
- Shawne Williams – Ice Cold
- Ronny Turiaf – Been quiet all month
- Jay Z – Lost all of his NBA swag now?

Knick Nuggets

The Knicks are attempting to fill out their roster and have most likely already added former Knick Jared Jeffries. The man can’t make a layup, but welcome home. Hopefully he can still pass and play D like he was before the trade to Houston. Other names being thrown around include Leon Powe (likely to end up back in Boston) and Troy Murphy. Apparently Charlotte are hanging on to Pryzbilla. TJ Ford and Mike Bibby could also become available now the deadline has passed.

Our 2nd round pick Jerome Jordan was mentioned by many fans as immediate big man help, but he will finish the season in Turkey.

Carmelo Anthony has a problem with his right elbow, and practiced before today’s game against the Heat shooting lefty (major props! Lefty all the way, baby). Will finish the season playing with soreness. Similar condition to what Scotty Lucas had with the Bombers last year… yuk!

As I told you once, keep watching New York, as the revolution continues before our eyes. Let us know in the comments section whether you think the Knicks can squeeze out of the 1st round THIS season?




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