I just sat down to write about Lebron and his Tweet today. You know, this one. I was thinking about it non-stop all along the drive home. About how Lebron somehow managed to become even more of a douche than he already was. About how petty and classless his comments were. About his epic miscalculation of  ”karma”, if you believe such a thing exists in this exchange.

About the thought process that goes through his ego-clouded head before sending a message such as this. About the length of time he waited before pressing “Tweet” – a few contemplative seconds, or instantly? About the sense of satisfaction (if any) he gets from seeing his ex-team lose a meaningless game by an even more meaningless margin. About whether he actually believes God is watching his every move and constantly seeking revenge on the King’s behalf.

About whether Lebron truly understands the repercussions of Tweeting this.  About whether Dan Gilbert will respond in ALL CAPS. About whether Mo Williams will shoot himself in the head. About whether Lebron fans can still stick up for him after this. About whether Lebron haters can possibly carve out a little more room to hate. About how much he’s going to get boo’d in his next game.

About whether its comparable to Kobe’s “one more than Shaq” comment (it’s not). About what Kobe would think of Lebron’s Tweet. About whether Kobe even knows how to use Twitter. About what Ray Allen would think of Lebron’s Tweet. About whether Ray even found time to hear the news in between having his balls shaved by three half-naked Latino women.

About what the sporting world will be saying about Lebron when I wake up tomorrow morning. About whether we’re all just making too big a deal out of this. About who in ESPN made the decision to include the Tweet in the game’s recap. About whether a 65-year old guy reading that recap would understand what the hell is going on.

About the fact that the Cavs will keep losing and the Heat will keep winning. About what Lebron would Tweet if his team actually won something, like a championship. About how Lebron somehow went from one of my most respected players (late ’05 ) to most disliked players (Detroit ’07) to most respected players (early 2010) to most disliked players again (now).

About whether he really embraces the villain tag or whether his Nike team is already designing a damage-control advertisement intent at winning back hearts. About whether Nike actually have the power to remove all evidence of the Tweet from the Internet. About whether Lebron really has a heart.

I thought about all this, and more.

And then I sat down to write about it, and only one thought came to mind…

How I wasted a perfectly picturesque sun-setting drive home thinking about Lebron James.

And I realized I had nothing to say.

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