Stepping up to the plate next in the Jim Fan Free Agency sweeps are the Philadelphia 76′ers. And what a privilege it is to have a reputable Sixers blogger make the presentation – Ricky from Sixers4guidos.

So Jim, head on over to Ricky’s blog to hear the Sixers campaign. Sneak preview below.


Rob from NBA Mate, ”probably Australia’s best NBA blog”, gave me the chance to increase the number of Sixers fans worldwide. Rob wants to help his long time friend Jim, currently confused, almost lost in the process of picking an NBA team to root for.

Long awaited “Jim’s decision” is coming to its end soon, so here is why you should become a Sixers fan, my aussie brother.


1) History

Jim, we taught basketball everyone. Jim this is the franchise that had Doctor J, Moses Malone, Charles Barkely (yes, he used to PLAY basketball), Allen Iverson. Two rings baby, two rings. Lots of retired jerseys. Memories. Aaahh, memories…

Jim, I don’t know how old are you, but you probably remember Kobe Bryant’s 81 points vs the Raptors, right? Well, we all Sixers fans think that his performance came 19 point short of Chamberlain’s 100 point night (in the pic). What? You never saw that, Jim? Ok, neither do I, so you won’t be alone in that.

But we can always brag that our team is one of the most storied franchise in the NBA. It’s gonna be fantastic to make fun of the Miami Heat when they’ll win their second title next summer and we will say that they were an expansion team (** laughs**).

Jim, do you know the story of the team that finished 9-73? Ok, another time.

Read the rest at Sixers4guidos

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