Once again the people have spoken. For only the fourth time in NBAMate history, we have a personnel change in our Wall of Fame.

The votes were tight, and thanks to the recent groundswell of anti-Miami hate, Dwayne Wade looked like his days in the WoF were numbered. He was in a tussle with Juan Jose Barea, the beloved Puerto Rican Guy, while Rasheed Wallace and Matthew Richardson looked safe for another term. But in a late swing, Wade’s haters curiously disappeared, and it was Barea who took the unfortunate lead.

With the poll officially closed, I can announce – and I do this with a tinge of sadness – that Puerto Rican Guy will be departing the NBAMate Wall of Fame.

/waits for groans of disappointment and shock

We had some good times though. After a freak run of form in late 2008, Juan Jose Barea became a big hit amongst NBAMate readers, and more so in my personal life. Actually, it was just my personal life. I looked up to Barea, not literally, because I’m taller than him, but with a sense of hope and admiration that even the tiniest, whitest, most Puerto Rican guys in the world can still make it in the NBA. And dominate.

Puerto Rican Guy dominating

His beaming smile greeted NBAMate readers for 668 days, and now… its gone. We had some good times, Puerto Rican Guy.

But fear not, because he has a worthy replacement. Keeping with the exotic theme, the Puerto Rican Guy has been replaced with the Italian Stallion. The inaugural Doubting Thomas Award Winner, the Cock himself – Danilo Gallinari.

I’d like to see Puerto Rican Guy do this…

Welcome to the Wall of Fame Gallo. You have earned it. May you nail as many long treys as you do dark-haired broads. If that’s even possible.

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