There’s been little word from Jim lately. He and his PR team have remained tight-lipped and haven’t given any indication as to which team Jim is leaning towards. That’s unsurprising, as we knew a series of team presentations were coming up – a chance for each of Jim’s shortlisted teams to win his allegiance.

The first presentation is from the New York Knicks. Their representative is, of course, none other than NBAMate’s very own Tizzle. The diehard Aussie Knicks fan himself.


Dear Jim,

Your options? Chicago, not bad. ATL, they have 15 wing players and always have. Miami, just say no.  New York, I think it’s obvious now, right? New York is the answer. That much should be clear to you. Jim, if New York is a town you loved to be in, why not place your basketball soul there for good?

Since I have been a Knicks fan the following things have happened:
- I gained full time employment
- I got engaged
- Obama became president
- iPods were invented
- 2Pac released 2452 posthumous albums
- The Harry Potter movies were released
- Essendon won the 2000 flag
- Film clips with Katy Perry were released
- The Y2K bug was defused

And I’m a dud basketballer. Imagine the effect on the world if a high quality player like yourself fancied the Knicks?

We have Spike Lee making uninformed comments during draft each year. We have Walt “Clyde” Frazier rhyming everything possible when commentating, to give you a thrill-n-chill. We have 425 different newspapers covering our team so you will never run out of news (even in the off-season when the NBA is dead, the Knicks are not – don’t underestimate this one Big J)

Our team? Young (Douglas, Randolph, Fields, Rautins, Mozgov, Chandler, Gallo, Walker), athletic (Chandler, Amare, Walker, Randolph), desperate to win (Chandler, Gallo), desperate to prove themselves (Randolph, Amare, Gallo, Mozgov), and fun to watch.

Our cap situation? All players on cheap contracts worth $4M or less, except Curry, Amare and Felton. Even after splashing out for ‘Stat’, we retained cap room to offer a max contract next off season ($18M expiring this year), AND apparently the season after. With the rumour mills flowing on who wants to jump ship, you’d want to follow a team with a bit of pocket change. Chicago won’t have the ability to do any major re-shaping to their team next year, this is it. They got a nice squad, but what if it doesn’t work? Or what if some major pieces become available, ala Melo?

Our most interesting player? A guy nicknamed ‘The Cock’. I dunno about you, but that opens up a lot of areas as a fan, a whole new realm of support is available with nicknames like that.

Our coach? The guy who wants his team jacking threes and throwing lobs. I mean, as a fan, could you want anything more from your coach?

Our home-court? The (self acclaimed) world’s most famous arena. Every game has new celebs, every game has new interviews, every game has a sub-plot.

Our geographical and social position? NY, baby, it is a place everyone talks about. No one wishes they played in Atlanta. People want to go to the town that never sleeps. And as the atmosphere of this team, and the culture begins to ascend, you watch the players flock. There are already big and long winded whispers about Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker coming to New York. Has any other team had as much interest given to it?

Our history? We have been terrible, what better time to join up and enjoy what the basketball Gods are surely preparing for us. Life will always balance out, and right now, NY needs to be balanced out… badly. But it’s happening, for sure. Why not take a role in that?!

Our fans? Outrageous. You will never find a larger, crazier, loyal, mentally unstable group of fans for a sport in my opinion. I myself have had the pleasure of “booing” the Knicks at MSG, and there’s nothing better than giving it to your team when they aren’t putting in work, but also cheering like mad when they put up a dub.

The thing about the Knicks, as mentioned before, you will never run out of reading material. We have been the worst or one of the worst teams for the last decade, yet we ruled the media headlines. We have been selling out games for a decade and not winning squat. What on Earth will happen when we begin playing some ball? Stand up and be a man, pick the underdog and go down with the ship when it’s sinking, but most of all enjoy the ride.

From the Ewing and Starks days, Van Gundy, Spree & H2O, silly trades, Mike Sweetney, Ariza, the Marbury mess, the Isiah mess, the Marbury and Isiah mess, the Larry Brown mess, the Larry Brown and Isiah mess, Jim Dolan, draft night boos for Balkman, DLee , Frye, Robinson, Chandler and Gallo, to Lebron related nightmares, this team will keep you excited…

Jim, I can’t dedicate too much time to this, as I have to prepare for my wedding and honeymoon. I hope soon, you too will prepare for your wedding with the Knicks, as the honeymoon period is about to begin. 2010 is looking up. You in or out?


New York Knicks (c/o Tiz)

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