After meeting with his agent late yesterday evening, Jim has announced the shortlist of NBA teams who will be competing to win his fan-ship. The shortlist included the expected “Big Three” of Miami, New York and Chicago that Jim initially expressed interest in. The Milwaukee Bucks, on the back of some persuasive lobbying by their fans, also won a spot in Jim’s heart. The 76′ers were a shock inclusion that most of the media never gave a serious chance. The Atlanta Hawks were the surprising omission after reports last week speculated Jim had them “penciled in” to his shortlist.

Fall-out from the shortlist has already been felt throughout the NBA fan community. Australian Atlanta Hawks fans organised an anti-Jim protest to voice their disgust at being ousted in this late stage.

“We feel cheated”, one Hawks fan stated during the protest. “Why on earth would you want to become a Sixers fan? We [the Hawks] will win twice as many games as them next season. Fuck Jim”.

Unfortunately the protest failed to make an impact as only one Atlanta Hawks fan turned up. Of the other two Hawks fans in Australia, one was holidaying in Tahiti and the other was not answering his phone.

Along with the announcement of the shortlist, Jim indicated that he will be hearing a pitch from fans of each team to make up his mind. Rather than visiting each team’s representative, Jim has asked them to state their case right here at NBAMate. Each presentation will be delivered by an upstanding fan from that team, the first being the Knicks a few days from now.

We have a brief phone interview with Jim tomorrow where we will try to understand the reasoning behind the teams  in his shortlist. It is the first time Jim has agreed to be speak to the media throughout this decision process, and we hope to learn a little more about just where his allegiance lies right now.

Stay tuned as NBAMate continues its exclusive coverage of Jim’s Decision.


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