Having announced to the world his candidacy for NBA fan free-agency in 2010, speculation has been mounting as to just who Jim’s preferred team is.  The former league MVP has given no indication in his recent public appearances, and was again confronted by media last night outside his suburban home in Melbourne’s inner east.

“I’m just going through the process” Jim stated calmly, as photographers crammed around his brown Volvo. After slamming the car door shut I asked Jim what his plans were. He wound down the window. “I’m going to Coles to buy a slab of Pure Blonde… and some ice cream”.

“Can you be any more specific on your upcoming decision?” I asked.

“Hmmm, not really. I’ll probably get a couple of Gaytimes. I don’t know…”

Many were quick to point to Jim’s red and white t-shirt as a sign the Atlanta Hawks are still in the mix. Several people close to Jim have maintained that the Hawks were never seriously being considered, but recently Jim seems to have become more open to the prospect of teams outside his “Big 3″ – Miami, Chicago and New York.

Rumours are that Jim has also considered the Milwaukee Bucks, the Thunder, and also the 76′ers. The Bucks because of the Bogut-Aussie connection, the Thunder because of the incredible upside of their young team, and the 76′ers because Clarence Weatherspoon once played there.

Jim parks his brown Volvo under his old practice hoop, which he dunked for the first (and last) time when he was twelve. The dunk was a 360 through-the-legs, blindfolded. Over the Volvo.

I spoke to a close friend of Jim’s this morning who told me that Jim has also been swayed by some supporters from “underdog” teams. In particular, one Timberwolves fan who’s influential campaign was centered around the argument that  ”the games are cheap to get into”.

Right now it’s almost impossible to gauge just which team is in the box seat. Jim and his agent are scheduled to meet on Thursday and many expect the outcome to be a short-list of Jim’s preferred teams. His final decision isn’t expected to be made until the eve of the NBA pre-season.

As usual, NBAMate will keep you posted with the very latest news on Jim and his history-making decision.


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