3 votes – Lebron James. He was phenomenal on this night. Got his teammates involved, made his jump shots, and took over down the stretch to end with a 40-8-8 that would be considered epic if it was anyone other than Lebron James. But don’t take this from me, take it from the man himself. “They were telling me I can’t make jump shots. They asked me to shoot a jumper so I did that. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.” Modesty is never lost on this man.

2 votes – Deron Williams. You got the feeling that if it wasn’t for JR Smith’s barrage of threes in Game 1, that DW might have lead the Jazz to a huge upset. Turns out you can’t give this man a second chance. He was brutal, taking only 14 shots (making 7 of them), but shooting 16-18 from the line and dropping 14 dimes to outshine Carmelo Anthony in front of his home crowd. Not to mention the two free-throws with 11 seconds left that sealed it. If Deron keeps playing like this the Jazz can absolutely beat the Nuggets, and the DW vs CP3 debate becomes entirely relevant, and contentious, once again.

1 vote – Carlos Boozer. Battling K-Mark, Nene and The Birdman ain’t easy, but Boozer demolished them all on this night for 20 points and 15 rebounds. In fact, Booze had more rebounds than all of them combined. FACT.

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