So it’s that time of the year again, where all Aussie NBA fans are madly scrambling to find out which NBA playoff games are being shown and where.  Last year we were spoiled with full coverage of both Conference Finals (thanks to One HD and ESPN), as well as a scattering of good games from the first two rounds.  This year should be no different.

The full schedules haven’t been released, but this is what we know so far from scouring the TV guides. Note: these are Melbourne times, subtract/add whatever hours necessary for your other Aussie cities.

First Round (in chronological order)

ESPN – Sunday 18th at 10:0am – Game 1,  Miami @ Boston

One HD – Wednesday 21st at 9.30am – Game 2, Miami @ Boston

ESPN – Wednesday 21st at 12:30pm – Game 2,  Oklahoma @ Los Angeles

One HD – Friday 23rd at 11:30am – Game 3,  Lakers @ Oklahoma City

ESPN – Saturday 24th at 11:30am – Game 3, Dallas @ San Antonio

One HD – Sunday 25th at 9:00am – Game 3, Atlanta @ Milwaukee

ESPN – Wednesday 28th at 10:00am – Game 5, Chicago @ Cleveland

One HD – Wednesday 28th at 12:30pm – Game 5, Oklahoma City @ Lakers

ESPN – Saturday 1st May at 11:30am – Game 6, Lakers @ Oklahoma City

ESPN – Wednesday 5th May at 12:30pm – Game 2, Utah @ Lakers

One HD – Friday 7th May at 10:00am – Game 2, Atlanta @ Orlando

ESPN – Saturday 8th May at 9:00am – Cleveland @ Boston

ESPN – Tuesday 11th May at 12:30pm – Lakers @ Jazz

One HD – Wednesday 12th May at 10:0am – Boston @ Cleveland

ESPN – Friday 14th May at 10:00am – Cleveland @ Boston

Conference Finals

ESPN – Monday 17th May at 5:30am – Boston @ Orlando

One HD – Tuesday 18th May at 11:00am – Phoenix @ Lakers

ESPN – Wednesday 19th May at 10:30am – Boston @ Orlando

One HD – Thursday 20th May at 11:00am – Phoenix @ Lakers

ESPN – Sunday 23rd May at 10:30am – Orlando @ Boston

One HD – Monday 24th May at 10:30am – Lakers @ Phoenix

ESPN – Tuesday 25th May at 10:30am – Orlando @ Boston

One HD – Wednesday 26th May at 11:00am – Lakers @ Phoenix

UPDATE 15/6: NBA Finals will be on ESPN (Foxtel)!!

Game 1 Friday 4th June – 11am
Game 2 Monday 7th June – 10am
Game 3 Wednesday 9th June – 11am
Game 4 Friday 11th June – 11am
Game 5 Monday 14th June – 10am
Game 6 Wednesday 16th June – 11am
Game 7 Friday 18th June – 11am

I’ll keep updating this post as we know more about the schedule. And check the Official Global NBA Programming Guide for more info.

If anyone has any other information, or has seen any TV commercials on what games will be shown, post your comments here and I’ll update the thread.

Happy NBA Playoff watching :)

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