There’s been an absolute flooding of posts and articles on Bogut and the Bucks since they topped Boston yesterday. Right now the Milwaukee Bucks are as sexy a team as they’ve ever been. Having won 10 of their last 11 games, they are practically guaranteed a playoff spot. And Bogut is getting more love than ever, some touting him as an All-NBA’er and a legitimate DPOY candidate.  It is all pleasantly welcomed attention by Milwaukee fans and Australian’s alike, whose NBA idols usually lurk in the shadows of the media spotlight.

As evidence of the kind of coverage the big Aussie is getting, I was recently approached by a German basketball magazine who are planning to run a full feature on Bogut in their next edition (they wanted some quotes and opinions on Bogey). Who would have thought the day would come  when a German basketball publication covering the NBA would be keen on writing a 4-page story on an Aussie player? My friends, the times they are a-changin.

The Toronto Sun uses four “B” words in their title, one being “Bogut”:

A few eyebrows were raised when Washington Wizards head coach Flip Saunders was asked to assess Bogut when the teams hooked up in a recent home-and-home set.

“Maybe the best centre in the Eastern Conference,” Saunders said.

Flip wasn’t being flippant and neither was he flippin’ crazy because there’s some merit in his words. Bogut isn’t quite in Dwight Howard’s neighbourhood, but he is inching closer because Bogut’s game continues to evolve and improve’s Five on the Rise says Bogut is finally living up to the hype:

Part of the credit for the Bucks’ surge goes to the deadline-day deal for John Salmons, but a bigger part of the credit goes to Bogut and his consistent play. He’s embraced his role as the team’s go-to player, is making a bigger stand on defense (other than just flopping, as was his way in the past) and has Milwaukee looking like a dangerous team if it can hang onto a playoff spot.

Sports Illustrated giving Coach Skiles some well deserved cred:

One NBA insider said Skiles comes up with some of the most creative play-calling in the league and has a firm handle on the mismatches that give Milwaukee an advantage. He has handled Jennings masterfully, even as the rookie has struggled with his shot for a while. And Skiles has Andrew Bogut playing so well that he looks like the league’s next great center.

NBA Fan House warns us to ” Fear the Deer”, calls Bogut a legit All-Defensive teamer:

Another streak has begun, with the Bucks beating two of the East’s top four teams (one without LeBron, albeit) in the Bradley Center. Andrew Bogut has been a flat-out beast of late, averaging 3.7 blocks per game over the past 10, and blocking a monstrous six percent of all opponent shots on the season, good for fourth in the league. If not for Mr. Dwight Howard, this dude’d be a legit All-Defense first-teamer. He’ll have to be content with the second team, assuming voters list Tim Duncan as a forward.

The Lawn Chair Boys make some Bogut-Surfing analogies, and this:

The Dude averages 16.2 ppg, 10.4 rpg, and 2.5 bpg (which is second only to Dwight Howard).  Those numbers have Bogut ready to take the place of Chris Kaman as the best center always brought up in conversation for something other than his on court production.  The only difference is people will throw around the word Australian as if it were synonymous with ugly when it’s not.

Brew Hoop is talking Bucks playoffs:

I still tend to start sweating and look around nervously when the words “Bucks” and “playoffs” are mentioned in the same sentence, but after yesterday’s win it’s hard to avoid thinking about what April might hold.  A crushing collapse of epic proportions?  A shocking upset of a first round Goliath?  I’ll play it safe and say it’ll probably be something in between, but that’s certainly not a bad outcome all things considered.

The Sydney Morning Herald spreads the news Downunder:

And Celtics coach Doc Rivers had no doubt what the difference was between the two teams – Australian big man Bogut, who finished with 25 points, 17 rebounds and four blocked shots, all game highs.

“He killed us,” Rivers said. “I thought he set the table for them all night. ”They kept getting the ball to him. I thought he was the difference.”

JS Online – Surging Bucks becoming talk of NBA:

OK, here’s the question starting to be heard around the National Basketball Association.
How good are these guys, anyway?
And these guys they’re talking about, believe it or not, are the usually ignored Milwaukee Bucks. But winning 10 out of their last 11 games, with the only loss coming in overtime at Atlanta, has brought the Bucks some deserved attention on the national level.

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