Hello there! Firstly, let me apologise for the time it took to compose the first edition of the Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 Draft. It’s been a long year for me. I lost a bet with a mate when Emeka Okafor was traded (I said that wouldn’t happened) and was forced to visibly support the Thunder (my love still secretly lies with the Bobcats). Then ESPN/One HD decided to show every NBA game and College Game on the planet (still nearly not enough games), which took a lot of my attention. I have also spent a long time researching whether or not Nate Robinson ever wore the number 4 at New York – a friend brought me back his jersey from Thailand (a joke present – I hate the Knicks) and it had the number 4. I have yet to obtain the answer. Funnily enough, this same friend is a devout Boston supporter. Karma’s a bitch, eh? Lastly, watching the Dunk Contest (and the entire All Star Weekend) bored me so much that I actually fell into a coma, from which I only recently woken from. So yeah, it’s been a long year. On to the draft.

1. NJN – John Wall, a 6’4 Freshman Point Guard from Kentucky
Ok, this is a done deal. Don’t pencil it in, write it in permanent marker. Twice. Regardless of who gets the number 1 overall John Wall is going number 1. If you haven’t heard of him, you will. He is the best point guard John Calipari has had. Ever. And Coach Cal’s last two point guards where Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose.

2. MIN – Evan Turner, a 6’6 Junior PG/SG from Ohio State
I think Minnesota is in a neck and neck race with the Clippers for the title ‘The Franchise Where Careers Go To Die.’ The Sota have two options at this point, go for the best fit for their team, or their best player. I’m going to go with the best player (cause the right option is very rarely ever done in the NBA) and say that E.T. ends up with in T-Wolf town. In saying all that though, Turner’s a hard to miss player; in the Big 10 he leads the conference in points per game, rebounds per game, is second in assists per game and is fourth in field goal percentage.

3. GSW – Wesley Johnson. a 6’7 Junior SG/SF from Syracuse
There are two reasons why I don’t believe the discussions for Monta Ellis involving OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet ever took place.  Firstly, I can’t see the Grizzlies ever offering a better player AND their second overall draft choice for Monta Ellis. I just don’t believe that anyone is stupid enough to do that. But the real reason that I don’t believe it, is surely no one within the Golden State Warrior’s organisation would say no to that. Surely there would at least be someone who works in the copy room that said “You know what, that is the best trade since the Lakers raped and stole from the Memphis Grizzlies with Gasol. We should do this deal.” Surely. Either way, the Warriors are once again in Crapville and will probably go for the best on the board, and at number 3 overall that will be Wesley Johnson. Here’s a youtube mix showing the two things Wesley Johnson does, shoot and jump (yes, there is a lot of nothing to end the video)

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4. WAS – DeMarcus Cousins, a 6’11 Freshman PF/C from Kentucky
I love ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes. I was watching Kentucky play Mississippi State and he said ‘The reason why I love DeMarcus Cousins is that I can walk into the gym and say ‘Sup Cuz’ and I’ll get an answer back.’ Wonder why that’s never happened before Jimmy? It may have something to do with the fact that no one in the history of mankind has ever thought ‘Sup Cuz’ is a phrase dignified enough to respond to. Or, the fact that everyone else loves DeMarcus Cousins because he’s a got a baby face on a massive body that has the nimbleness of a ballerina and the size of a freight train. Plus, and here’s the best part, his responses to poor decisions are as random and potentially explosive as Rasheed Wallace’s.

When were those glasses ever in fashion?

5. SAC – Al Farouq Aminu, a 6’8 Sophomore SF/PF from Wake Forrest
This will be said on Jeopardy sometime surely. “I’ll take African Royals who played in the NBA for $200 please.” Al-Farouq is a descendant of Nigerian kings. The other player who has some royal background is Milwuakee’s Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, who is a Cameroon prince. Aminu is a combo forward with elite rebounding ability, and times shot blocking quite well. I think he’s the perfect fit for the Kings who need player that will just stay out of Tyreke Evans’ way.

6. IND – Donatas Moteijunas, a 7’0 Lithuanian C from Lithuania
I know, I really shouldn’t have a guy who reminds me of Troy Murphy going to the Pacers, but Moteijunas is a guy who reminds me of Troy Murphy and will still be on the board when the Pacers have their decision. In all fairness to Donatas, he’s more in the mould of Dirk Nowitzki/ Andrei Bargnani than Troy Murphy, but you get the point. A borderline 7-footer who can shoot. Indiana really have no other choice; they look like getting rid of Murphy, and with no point guard on the board dignified enough to be taken at this pick, the Pacers should look to their second most important option, and that is a PF/C.

7. DET – Cole Aldrich, a 6’11 Junior C from Kansas
I’m going to go out and say either Detroit have been severely affected by injuries, or they made the biggest free agency splash last year for bench players. Either way, the biggest hole I see in the Pistons’ roster is a legitimate centre that isn’t undersized or ageing severely. Aldrich to me is that blue collar, no nonsense guy who just gets it done. He can score inside, has a jumper out to 17 feet, and blocks the ball like it dissed his mother. Plus, his shot is something to behold.

8. UTH – Pattrick Patterson, a 6’8 Junior PF from Kentucky
This pick is actually the Knicks’ pick. However, the Jazz have a lot of need for this pick. They have struggled mightily to keep going forward (a couple of years ago they were in the Western Conference Finals). They look like they may lose Carlos Boozer next off-season in free agency, and desperately need a replacement. Patterson is probably the most established low post offensive player in the draft. He is undersized, but the addition to a very effect long range jump shot this season adds to his stock.

9. PHI – Derrick Favours, a 6’9 Freshman PF from Georgia Tech
When all is said and done, Favours could be the second best player in this draft class. Favours has the combination of size, length, strength, quickness and athleticism that makes scouts salivate any time the see him play. However, he is an extremely raw player, making him on of those high risk/high reward enigmas. Favours right now probably has the biggest range in the draft going from as high as 4 to as low as out of the lottery. A guy to look out for. This gives you an idea.

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10. LAC – Damion James, a 6’7 Senior SF/PF from Texas
Da-Me-On James is a guy that has been on every mock draft since he was a freshman. However, he has smartly decided each and every year to go back to Texas and work on his game. The result is that James is a more polished product, with the ability to score in more ways to add to his ability to rebound and block shots – which he always had. He plays as a stretch 4 with Texas currently, but he must continue to prove he can play as a SF, for he is 6’7 and thus severely undersized to stay being a Power Forward.

11. MIL – Greg Munroe, a 6’10 Sophomore PF/C from Georgetown
The Eastern Conference final race at the moment I’m writing this, has the Bobcats and Bucks on a tie breaker, which the Bucks hold. However, due to the way I research and write, the Bucks were entered in at number 11 prior to these happenings. So they are going to stay here. Munroe is a guy who I believe will find a place somewhere at the back end of the lottery, regardless of who has the selections. He is a extremely versatile big who can pass, rebound, shoot, score from the high post and score from the low post. He is athletic and long as well. The problem most scouts and fans have is that he isn’t an assertive player. But the skills and length that he brings to the table for his position should mean that he will become a lottery pick.

12. MEM – Avery Bradley, a 6’2 Freshman PG/SG from Texas
Memphis have multiple picks in this draft, and really, have a team that if they can keep together, has a promising future. The biggest problem is the possible loss of Rudy Gay in free agency, and therefore they might go with another wing for more insurance (they traded for Ronnie Brewer at the deadline). But if they keep the whole gang together, I believe they’ll look for more point guard depth. Currently, Mayo does a lot of ball handling, which means I think they can get away with a scoring point guard which is what Bradley is. The scoring guard in a point guard’s body.

13. NOH – Xavier Henry, a 6’6 Freshman SG from Kansas
Whilst Collison has been an absolute find, the Hornets have Chris Paul – a top 3 point guard in the league, and still find themselves in the lottery. I still believe they need to find a wing scorer to help David West and Chris Paul, and find balance. At around pick 13, that player isn’t going to be NBA-ready, but Xavier Henry shows all the tools to become that sort of player. A genuine 2 guard with the ability to shoot, if he can refine his penetration game, he could be a very good pick up for whomever takes him. For the Hornets sake, I hope its them.

14. HOU – Stanley Robinson , a 6’9 SF/PF from Connecticut.
I think Houston are in a really weird situation. Without their two stars, they got themselves to a point where they have been in and out of the top 8 in the West due to great team chemistry. They needed a go to wing guy, and they landed the most efficient scoring wing in the last couple of years in Kevin Martin, and with Yao Ming coming back next season, it’s not a bad time to be a Houston fan. I think this pick will be a ready-to-contribute player that will not take away anything from their team. Robinson has apparently a great attitude, and has the height and game to be a factor every time he steps on the court. And I can never not feature a dunk by a Uconn player whilst Dick Vitale is commentating.

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