David Andersen playing no-look defense (AP Photo/Lori Shepler)

Seems like every week there’s an Aussie in the NBA going for a career high. First Nathan Jawai, now David Andersen. In case you didn’t seen the game, Andersen and the Rockets (has a nice ring to it) completely upstaged LA in front of their home crowd yesterday. OK so maybe it helps the Lakers are effing clueless on how to guard Aaron Brooks – 33 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. But the next best contributor for Houston was undoubtedly the big Aussie (feels like I’m always saying “the big Aussie”… c’mon Patty get on the damn court!). In 25 minutes Andersen had 19 points on an insane 9-14 shooting, including 13 points in an impressive second quarter where he demonstrated his full shooting range. He also added the daggers early in the fourth that had the home crowd booing. Gotta love that. This performance came as a bit of a surprise, I must admit, looking at Andersen’s contributions lately. But as I said on Sunday, he’s still getting the opportunities, and it only took a game where he hit his first few shots to see his production really increase. Here are some of the reactions from the world wide interweb.

- ABC have this huge write-up on Andersen’s career game (you’re gonna need at least 10 minutes to read this)

- Whittier Daily News says “What’s more, the Lakers also couldn’t be bothered to take David Andersen, a rookie center from Australia, seriously enough to stick a hand in his face. Andersen scored 19 points on 9-of-14 shooting, most from the perimeter.” I think teams might start taking him seriously now!

- The Dream Shake had this to say: “Staking a nigh-insurmountable claim as Best Australian Rocket, David Andersen introduced himself to the NBA champs this evening. He scored 19 on 9-14 shooting, with a stroke so sweet it had diabetics at Staples reaching for their glucose meters. He also did what we all hoped he could do- he spaced the floor in a uniquely “Euro Center” way – pulling Bynum or Odom way out from underneath the boards to cover Andersen’s jumper. Call me a hypocrite – I HATE that when it’s done to Yao, but turnabout is fair play.”

- Bleacher Report has this nice story on Andersen and his “long hard road”.

- And I just love this quote from Phil Jackson: “We obviously didn’t know the scouting report that well on Andersen. We knew he’s a shooter but we didn’t see him playing at that level.” Do a proper fucking scout report next time Phil! David Andersen can shoot! That deservedly gets a mention in Basketbawful’s WotW.

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