It feels good to be able to say “Bogut’s Back!” for once and not be talking about his injured back. To put it simply, Bogut’s 16 point, 13 rebound effort against Chicago today was his best game in almost a year (probably since he went 20-14 in that nail biter against the Spurs).  That’s a long time ago folks. Throw in 3 blocks, 2 assists and a steal, and its no wonder the Bogometer (TM) soared to 72% today. What would have been so much sweeter of course is seeing the Bucks get up, instead of a painful two-point loss to the Bulls. I didn’t see the game, but from all accounts Bogut was back in form. The Bucky Channel awarded him their Player of the Game, and here’s a promising excerpt from Brew Hoop’s game recap:

Andrew Bogut. The defense was mostly steady, and though we could use a few more offensive bursts with Redd sidelined, Bogut stepped up on both ends of the floor tonight. ‘Drew threw in eight straight in the second quarter, with all but one shot coming from one or the other baseline on running half-hook types. The Bucks again found Bogut for a few scores in the fourth, and he finished with 16 points, a delightful sum after the first two games

David Andersen certainly isn’t shy from shooting is he? In a big win over the Jazz yesterday Andersen played 14 minutes, managed to squeeze in 7 shots, but only made one of them. In fact, he took three shots in his first 90 seconds on the court – gotta love the guy’s confidence. You get the feeling that his spot in the rotation is mighty secure, and his minutes will only increase if he can improve those shooting percentages. The Rockets continue to surprise me. It’s not often you go into Utah and win, a the Rocket’s veterans made sure Andersen wouldn’t forget it:

Anytime you win in Utah, it’s a special event," Battier said. "Not many teams do it. Kyle Lowry was saying it was his first win ever here. We had to tell the young guys and David Andersen, ‘Savor this.’ It doesn’t happen very often that you can come here and win."

I was very excited watching the Clippers v Wolves play-by-play yesterday, seeing Nathan Jawai record two offensive boards and a dunk in his first two minutes of court action. “Finally.. he might get a decent run in this game” I thought. After all, it’s only the Clippers… right? Wrong. Jawai played just the five minutes, registering the 2 points, 2 boards and a foul. Really struggling to see why he didn’t get another spell on the court. Brian Cardinal did nothing in his eight extra minutes. Ryan Hollins only pulled down 4 boards in his 18. I guess we still have to remember that Jawai is seen as a “project”, so they’ll happily experiment with him for 4-5 minutes a game until he’s reached the next level. All the big Aussie can do is make sure those 4-5 minutes count, and in this game, he certainly did.

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