It’s not every day that you see an article on written about Aussies in the league. Even rarer to see one quote lyrics from a Rolf Harris song. But that’s exactly what Fran Blinebury has served up today in a piece about Andrew Bogut and David Andersen. But more interesting than the basketball bits is witnessing Fran’s wonderful grasp of the true Aussie essence. This is an actual excerpt:

Well, tie me kangaroo down, sport. Let’s just say it wasn’t Yao Ming vs. Yi Jianlian. When the two Chinese stars for the Rockets and Bucks met for the first time in an NBA game back on Nov. 9, 2007, it was bigger than big, huger than huge in a nation with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants… When a pair of centers from Australia — Andrew Bogut and David Andersen — squared off in a preseason game between the Bucks and Rockets this week, you had to figure there might have been a few mates sitting under a gum tree sipping tinnys of Four-X who shouted: “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Mr Blinebury, I applaud you. Not only does that last sentence contain more stereotypical Aussie references than any sentence ever invented, you’ve also managed to portray the land Downunder in piercing clarity. That is what we actually do in Australia. I’m writing this blog right now while sitting under a gum tree. I’ve been drinking Fosters all morning with my mates. Soon, I’m gonna go surfing with some blonde sheilas and then we’re having a barbecue. Depending on how my afternoon pans out, I may have to wrestle some crocs or round up some random cattle. Just a typical day for me, really.

I’m impressed the writers even recognise (note the spelling with an “s”) the Aussie contingent, which would potentially be double the size if Patty Mills was healthy and Nathan Jawai could make the Mavs roster – and don’t forget Luke Nevill, who’s been getting minutes with the Cavs in the pre-season (cheers Brendon). Certainly goes to show that the basketball world is taking more notice of this small sun-burnt country. Even if they do sound like a pack of flaming drongos when they’re writing about it.

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