The resident Knicks fan is back, who you may remember was last seen trying to brainwash his 6th graders in the ways of the orange, blue and white. It turns out his attempts are not just limited to the land downunder. Read on to find out about Tizzle’s amazing trip to Ghana, where he was able to spread the cheers, as well as some Knicks threads.

Hey NBA Mates, it’s me Tizzle, so as you guessed this is probably going to be about the Knicks. This time though, I promise you it’s worth a read.

Although the Knicks have been mighty terrible for years now, even before Isiah came and turned us into a complete joke – just back when we were a simple joke – I still loved them. I have made it my mission on Earth to spread the joy of being a Knicks fan to all in my life. My family receive updates, my friends have been forced to sit through games, my girlfriend is a Knick ‘fan’ and any computer in my grasp has spent hours on Knick related sites.

Unfortunately anyone with any semblance of NBA knowledge will usually ask me to stop, but I have one advantage in this journey.

I am a school teacher.

Maths? Yeah, it’s useful. English? Yes, ok, it helps.  Science? If ya like it.

The Knicks? Vital to anyone’s education in my class.

This is my fourth year of teaching, and I am proud to say my fourth batch of brainwashed Knick fans. In the past my maths groups have participated in the famed ‘Curry vs. Frye Stat Challenge’ and then there was the ‘Curry vs. Randolph Stat Challenge’, not to mention the ‘Draft Day Maths Probability Challenge’. Walt Frazier’s number has been retired in my classroom, and pictures of Crawford and Marbury were staples for my first two years. You may remember some clueless students I used to teach completed an interview for NBAMate last year and bagged out the Knicks, but it’s the rest I am thankful for. Many lunchtimes have been spent hunched over my laptop, Knicks boxscore open, with kids peeking over both shoulders to get the score.

“Are we up?”

Music to my ears, when my kids start referring to them in terms of ‘us’.

Well, this past three months I got a chance to take my show on the road, teaching at Dora Memorial School in Ghana, West Africa. Of course it was a life changing experience, and one I will never forget. I packed all my jerseys and some hats into my suitcase (leaving my David Lee swingman at home) and set off to a different world. My favourite part of being overseas was giving things away to people, and although I love ALL of my Knicks gear, I thought these kids could do better off with it. To give you an idea of the NBA knowledge my students had, one had heard of Michael Jordan and could swear he played for the Orlando Pirates. Kobe? Lebron? Shaq? Not a clue.

One day after school, I called out some of the bigger kids and just handed them my Knicks stuff. One of the teachers demanded some for himself! Can’t hate a fellow Knick fan I thought to myself, chuckling as he threw on his Channing Frye singlet with pride. If only Channing Frye wore his Knick singlet with pride!

Although they had no clue who the Knicks were, I’m happy knowing there are some more people sporting the Blue N’ Orange elsewhere in the world. If you want realise how lucky you are, I suggest you go visit these kids or any of the millions of kids living it tough over in Africa. It’s eye-opening, that’s for sure.

P.S Also got a chance to recruit some new Bombers fans as well ;)
[Robd editor's note: this almost made me vomit]

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