ONE: Charley Rosen at Fox Sports wrote a piece during the week on young centers in the NBA, titled “Why there’s a shortage of quality big men“. In it he touches on Andrew Bogut and offers the following assessment: “Bogut is perhaps the most savvy of the young bigs and also possesses very good hands. But he makes too many mistakes with the ball, is injury-prone (he’s missed over 21 percent of Milwaukee’s games in the past three seasons) and he lacks the kind of top-of-the-line talent that can boost him to the apex of his position”. I don’t agree that Bogut makes too many mistakes with the ball – he is a great decision maker in my opinion and helps facilitate the Bucks offense. He shoots a high percentage too, so I don’t see where Rosen is coming from. The whole “injury-prone” thing is a bit harsh, but I will admit that if Bogut’s back plagues him throughout this season, then that will be a difficult tag to shake. As for the talent around him, Rosen is spot on – Bogut will never get the recognition he deserves until he starts making a name for himself in big games. That means playoffs, and that means getting more talent in a Bucks uniform. What’s your take? How long will it be before AB is an unquestioned Top 5 center in this league?

TWO: Props to Slam Online for putting together the Slam Dictionary. Some of my favorite entries:
Blogorithm—n.: A mathematical formula whereas an NBA player’s number of games played decrease in direct relation to his blog entries.
Temporary brain disorder that results in incredibly poor decision-making
Zachrifice-v.: A team using a third of their cap space for a baggage laden 20 & 10.

THREE: Celtics fans getting edgy about signing Rajon Rondo? There’s no need for concern, according to Brian Robb over at Celtics Hub. Why the C’s Should Wait on Rondo Extension.

FOUR: Thanks to some recent comments from Allen Iverson‘s business manager regarding AI’s time with the Pistons, Detroit Bad Boys has struck back. “Iverson is what he is: entertaining to watch so long as you don’t have a genuine rooting interest in the team he represents. He’s a peculiar enigma: a legitimate NBA superstar but a fraud as a team cornerstone.” Ouch. But as a Detroit fan, I wholeheartedly agree 100% with everything written by DBB. As usual.

FIVE: Here at NBAMate we have a soft spot for Danny Granger after asking the question “What is Danny Granger?” that ultimately lead to the “platypus” winning Slam Online’s nickname competition. He had a phenomenal season, as Indy Cornrows justly points out in their official 2008-2009 player review. I wait with great anticipiation to see what Granger can bring to the court next season. I don’t know if its humanly possible to improve his game by the same measure we’ve seen him advance each of the last three seasons. If he somehow did, it would equate to a 30 point average and probably an MVP candidacy. Sounds crazy right? Nothing the Platypus does would surprise me.

SIX: T-Mac is Back, according to Nick Friedell’s latest blog post. Was great to read about some of the steps McGrady has taken to get stronger and ensure he’s back to his best. It was amazing to hear that he hasn’t been able to dunk off his left leg since 2002. If  T-Mac is back to his best health-wise, as the article would have us believe, then my declaration last season will be made to look very premature indeed. Forget what T-Mac was like at his best? Here’s a couple of clips to get you excited.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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