No clues as to who made this.

Happy Birthday Ray, hope you have a very smooth day. No doubt you will.

UPDATE 22/7: Curious to know what Ray Allen does on his birthday? I know I am. I asked my former housemate (familiar to regular readers as the obsessive Ray Allen fan) who probably has a better idea than most as to what Ray does in his spare time. Here is what the man said.

A Birthday in the Life of Ray Allen
by Wibo

Ray likes to play it pretty cool on his birthday.

Slides out of his silk sheets (literally) at 9am and goes through his usual morning shave routine (two hours).

At 11am he heads out for brunch with some of his lady friends. Ray shouts everyone a smoothie and impresses everyone with his laid back, smooth personality.

At 1pm he diligently attends to more shaving and smooths up for some Bball.

2pm and Ray is off to practice. Two hours refining that world renowned silky smooth jump shot. Yep, it doesn’t matter if its his brithday or Christmas, he didn’t become the “(Future) Best 3 Point Shooter of All Time” by taking days off willie nillie.

At 5pm it’s time to shave and smooth up for the nights festivities. Ray decides to use his special occasion Super Smooth Cream, giving him a matte finish that makes passers-by stop and stare in awe. “Wow, is that Ray Allen? That guy is SMOOTH!” they say.

Ray dresses up in some sweet threads. As coach Doc Rivers has said “I don’t want to know what Ray’s budget is. It’s a big clothing budget. I would say he’s the style guy.”

7pm. After smoothly getting some dinner Ray heads out to the coolest club in town, sips on a smooth single malt whiskey, and dances to Smooth RnB until late.

From this point on, its Ray time.


I didn’t want to ask what “Ray time” meant. But I have a pretty good idea.

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