ONE: By now most of you have probably heard about the Lebron James dunk saga, but if not, here’s a quick recap. During a pick up game at a Skills Academy Lebron was running earlier in the week, a young fella by the name of Jordan Crawford came down the lane and dunked on the King’s head with two hands. Thereafter the drama ensued, when allegedly Lebron himself demanded that footage – it was being filmed by two cameramen – be confiscated. Nike officials promptly confiscated the tapes and the dunk will never be seen again. Some of the details are a little hazy – did Lebron really insist this? Or is it “Nike policy”, as they called it, to ban filming of NBA players during a pickup game? Either way, the whole thing reeks of Lebron’s typical overbearing image control, and more fuel to the “sore loser” fire that burned so brightly after the Orlando series. This was a perfect opportunity for Lebron to have a little laugh at himself, prove he’s human and prone to being posterized just like any other player, and prove that he’s not all about image. Nike should release the tape and Lebron should face the music. It would be good for him. Apparently the people of Ohio are the only ones that think otherwise.

TWO: Yesterday we heard the bad news about Patty Mills. I haven’t been able to find any new information in regards to how long he is expected to be out of action. Safe to say Blazers Edge will be all over it though. If you’re a Blazers fan that blog is compulsory reading, along with Bustabucket.

THREE: So it’s official, Rasheed Wallace has signed with the Celtics. My favorite player of the last three years will be wearing the rival Celtic green, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I cannot fully embrace Sheed in a Celtics uniform, the way I could have imagined embracing him with say the Orlando Magic. I’m not even 100% sure it’s a great fit for the Celtics. As a Pistons fan, I’m all too aware how little Wallace has left in the tank – realistically he hasn’t had a great stretch of form for almost two years. Maybe he did do a Vince and mail in the last season, and maybe the fire will return once he takes the court alongside Ray, Paul and Kev? Who knows. But like I said on a forum earlier in the week, Sheed will give you no more rebounding and hustle than PJ Brown did last year for Boston. He will give them slightly better one-on-one defense and better three point shooting of course, but is that really what Boston want when they already have a power forward (KG) who likes to drift 15-20 feet from the basket on offense? I still maintain Orlando would have been perfect, where Sheed fits right in with their game plan of stretching the defense, allowing Lewis to play some three, and taking some defensive pressure of Dwight. But I’m not sold on Sheed in Boston. Good to know Celtics fans are embracing him though, and if anyone is interested, NO… Need4Sheed will NOT be changing their name (lovin the t-shirt Nat).

FOUR: In somewhat of a surprise move, at least for me, Grant Hill has chosen to stay in Phoenix, forgoeing the possibility of joining the Boston Celtics Retirement Village. You kind of have to admire a guy who makes a decision like this, based on loyalty alone, when he clearly knows the Suns will not be contending for a championship and Boston certainly will. My Suns supporting friends tell me that Hill was arguably their best player last season, certainly their most consistent, and having him come off the bench to back up Paul Pierce would have been a supreme luxury for Doc Rivers and his team. As it is, it looks like Grant Hill will finish his career as a Sun.

FIVE: This got lost somewhere in the detail of the complicated Marion/Turkoglu 4-way trade, but it’s important from an Aussie perspective: Nathan Jawai is now a Dallas Maverick! Does this improve his chances of getting any PT? “I am confident that I can do it,” Jawai said. “Just my 10 days at summer league I’ve got to be as good as I can, as sharp as I can so I can get that roster spot.” Jawai has not yet played a game at the summer league.

SIX: Ron Artest Rap Tribute to Michael Jackson WTF? I’m speechless.

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