As most Detroit fans probably know by now, coach Curry has been given the axe after just one season. I have mixed emotions about this: part of me is wrapped that this horrific little experiment is over, but part of me is sad it couldn’t work out – I can’t help but feel Curry was extremely unfortunate to lose Billups just days into his first tenure. But one thing we know about Joe D is that he’s never been afraid to pull the trigger, and the question now remains, who does he chose to take over the reins?

Doug Collins has been mentioned, as has Avery Johnson, and up until just minutes ago I was in limbo about who I would rather see at the helm. That is, until I read this post. It is now clear to me. Joe, you must hire Bill Laimbeer. The time for Combat Basketball has come.

I know what you’re thinking.  ”Hire Laimbeer?  My whining, flopping ex-teammate whose only coaching experience is with a women’s team?!”

Yes.  And not just because he won two championships as your teammate and three as coach of that women’s team.  Not because he elicits simultaneously hilarious and fearsome nicknames like “Man of War,” “Prince of Darkness,” and “The Shocker.”  Not even because he’s the only guy on earth with the guts to follow up the phrase “Michael Jordan may be a very good, outstanding basketball player” with the word “but”.

You must hire Bill Laimbeer because…

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