Dwight probably played his worst game – at least statistically – of the playoffs in Game 2 against Boston last night, so a lot of the predictions for Dwight’s numbers were WAY off. The average prediction was for a 23 point, 16 rebound, 4 block game – huge numbers, but not out of the question for Dwight. But in Game 2 Dwight served up a quiet 12 points, 12 rebounds and – get this – zero blocks!

But I’m pleased to announce we do have a clear winner. Congratulations to Braydon H. on winning the Dwight Howard Defensive Player of the year t-shirt! Braydon picked a statline of 19-13-4 which was the closest, the next being Sam I. two points behind.

Thanks for everyone who participated in both the Rose and Howard competitions, and I can tell you that we plan to run competitions like this on a regular basis going forward. There’ll certainly be another one or two giveaways before the playoffs are done, so stay tuned!

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