It finally happened. After following the bizarre Twitter craze that has engulfed the NBA and its blogs the past few months from a safe distance, I’ve finally jumped on board. If you haven’t heard about this fad or experienced it first hand, you really have some catching up to do: there was the classic story of a fan who met Shaq through Twitter, Shaq’s affair with Marc Cuban, and the whole Charlie V debacle, and there are a myriad of NBA players who are now Tweeting on a regular basis. Not to mention a heap of sports blogs who now occupy a space in the Twitterverse – here’s a nice list of them (although that list might be a little out of date now). Even the NBA has an official Twitter feed, which says a lot for how prevalent Twitter is becoming in the world of social media.

NBAMate has now joined the party so you can follow us – well, at least me – during all the times we’re not blogging. Why would you bother? A couple of reasons. Firstly, there is a lot we have to say about the NBA and life in general that doesn’t end up in blogs, mostly for good reason. But Twitter is the perfect place for those whimsical, impulsive and uncensored comments that we wouldn’t normally consider blog-worthy. Secondly, it’s a great chance for us to hear from you – our readers – to let us know about what’s happening in your world, or what NBAMate is missing out on. Thirdly, it’s a good way to keep track of reactions to big playoff moments as they happen, and in the NBA amazing happens quite regularly (especially in this Bulls-Celtics series which is getting ridiculous).

Here’s the link to our Twitter and in the sidebar to the right you’ll be able to follow our Tweets on the fly.  Hope to see you around Twittering or Tweeting or whatever it is.

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