In sad news for Aussie NBA Fans, Andrew Bogut has been shut down for the rest of the season because of his back injury. Not that I didn’t see it coming – there’s really no point in rushing AB back when the Bucks have fallen out of the playoff race. But for selfish reasons I’m kinda mad, cos I’m watching a Bucks game next week and was hoping to get to see the big Aussie in action.

It’s been a tough season for Milwaukee. After the acquisition of Richard Jefferson, there were clearly expectations for a playoff birth. Despite an early injury to Michael Redd, that goal was still within their grasp. But the Bucks simply had no luck this season, and when Bogut was sidelined with back problems they lacked the firepower to stay in the playoff hunt. There have been some pretty encouraging signs though. Ramon Sessions has proven himself to be a rising star, Charlie V had a career-best year, and Jefferson has put up big numbers the last couple of months. It’s been enough to give Bucks fans hope for next season, but also frustration, because it’s hard to see this team not being in the playoffs had Redd and Bogut been healthy.

We wish Andrew all the best in the off-season as he heals from his injury, and we hope he returns next season better than ever.

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