The only thing good about the 14 hour flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles? You get to catch up on all the movies you haven’t seen in the past year. Like, every single one of them. Quantum of Solace, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Burn After Reading and Wall-E rounded out my movie marathon (with some episodes of Two and a Half Men mixed in between), and I can say without any doubt whatsoever, that unequivocally the best movie of the lot was Wall-E. For any one who hasn’t seen it, it’s a computer animated film that depicts a future where mankind has evacuated the polluted Earth, and the only remaining survivor is Tim Duncan. From watching discarded tapes of old Hollywood musicals, Duncan learns to mimic human emotions and eventually falls in love with another robot visiting from space. In the process, Duncan teaches the other robot how to dance, the pivot, and also the 14-foot bank shot.

Tonight I’m heading to the Rockets v Lakers game, a game of serious importance. The Lakers return home after a road trip that started out brilliantly but ended up quite flaky thanks to a loss against Charlotte, while the Rockets need every win they can get to try and hold on to 4th spot out West. Which is going to be extremely difficult when you look at the remainder of their schedule. The Rockets have one gimme game left being away to Sacramento, but apart from that they’re all tough tests. No tougher than tonight against the Lake Show. I’ll be sure to jump back on here and give you my thoughts on the game and my first NBA experience. In the meantime, I need to catch up on some sleep because my body clock is completely fu**ed.


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