ONE: Patty Mills looks to have returned from injury without losing a step, pouring in 27 points against Washington State on Tuesday night. Speaking of Patty, we’ve put a ‘Patty Mills Draft Watch’ in the sidebar and we plan to update it regularly leading right up to draft night. You can thank Jobba for that one. In other Aussies Abroad news, Luke Nevill didn’t fare so well in his final college game after the Utes were upset by Arizona. Meanwhile Nathan Jawai continues to tear up the D-League with a 21-point effort against the Utah Flash. The Raptors are still losing, which begs the question, how long can they afford to keep him off their list?

TWO: Got a spare $285,000? Maybe you should invest in one of these Nubeo Black Mamba watches endorsed by Kobe. Then again, you could also buy a house or a really good car.

THREE: With the economic crisis on hand there’s been rumors about a possible NBA lockout on the horizon. David Stern has already scheduled talks with Billy Hunter, chief of the Player’s Association, to discuss the collective bargaining agreement even though the current deal doesn’t expire for another two years. Marc Stein has it covered with this Q&A at ESPN.

FOUR: I’m guessing most people have seen the Cavs recent pre-game theatrics, but if you haven’t check the clip. It’s just one reason why one grumpy old dude doesn’t like Lebron for MVP (cheers to CP4 for the link).

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FIVE: Because I’m a big fan of The Office and because we’re hardly the yardstick for mature sports blogs, I present to you the Top 10 Overheard “That’s What She Said” Comments in Springtime Basketball. And a healthy dose of Michael Scott…

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SIX: If you haven’t seen the new ‘Where Will Amazing Happen This Year‘ commercials go check them out here. Kinda gives me goosebumps… playoffs are here in less than a month.

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