ONE: I just want to put this out there. After another ridiculous display from Wade today, 50 points in a triple-OT thriller against Utah, it is looking very likely Miami will hold on to finish 4th or 5th. I don’t care who the Heat face in the first round, whether it’s Atlanta or Detroit, they will get through. Then we’re left with perhaps the most tantalizing second-round match up of the decade – Wade vs Lebron, two of the leading MVP candidates playing the best ball of their career. In fact, this year’s Eastern Conference playoffs could give us a whole bag of treats – Atlanta vs Miami would be damn entertaining to watch, Orlando vs Detroit will be fascinating for historical reasons more than anything else, Wade vs Lebron in the second round, and the inevitable Celtics vs Cavs Conference Final. But nothing will top Wade vs Lebron – it will be the first time those two face off in the postseason, and it could get epic. Just putting it out there.

TWO: Congratulations to the South Dragons on winning the 2008/2009 NBL Championship (Australia’s National Basketball League). This was a feat made even more remarkable by the fact they finished with the wooden-spoon last season. Here are some highlights and post-game interviews:

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I watched the second and third quarters of this game at the pub, and I have to say they were two of the most entertaining quarters of NBL action I’ve seen in a while. The game was played at a high standard and the crowd looked absolutely electric. For the first time since… well.. a long time, I found myself watching an NBL game wishing I was there. The Dragons celebrations are of course tinged by a bit of sadness that the NBL as we know it is “officially dead“, but watching Game 5 gave me hope that the future of basketball in this country is strong. The death of the NBL has always been due to financial backing, league marketing and unsustainable  expansion – NOT because the sport of basketball is unloved in this country. We will be keeping an eye on this space as the new league unfolds.

THREE: Rasheed Wallace says he could get a 9-to-5 job. This amuses me for all sorts of reasons.

FOUR: I just spent 10 minutes reading this rant over at Pounding the Rock. It’s a little whacked, somewhat aimless and downright opionated, but you will feel all the better for reading it. By the way, PTR is in my top 5 favorite blogs right now – without doubt the best Spurs blog going around.

FIVE: Wonder how the Magic are really going since Rafer Alston stepped in for Jameer NelsonThird Quarter Collapse have it covered, and the results may surprise you. Here’s looking forward to Part II.

SIX: April 5th is Unsung Player Day and we plan to be involved. Us Aussies love the underdogs, the battlers, and unsung heroes who go about their work without fuss and fanfare. Nominations for who we should write about are welcome. It’s hard keeping tabs on every team’s players who only get a few minutes of court time, so unless you all make some suggestions, it’s very likely I’ll just write about Walter Herrmann.

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