With the ‘Australians in the NBA’ count currently at 2, and one of them injured (Bogut), this leaves big Nate to carry the hopes of a nation. Big Nathan Jawai that is. Only Jawai has struggled to stay in the Raptors lineup thanks to a recent demotion to the D-League. What has happened to the Raptors since then? They’ve gone 0-6, a fact so blatantly highlighted in this blog by Hoop Heads North that we happen to love. Is it true? Could the “Jawai Factor” be real? Here’s hoping it is so we can see the big Aussie back on NBA courts sooner rather than later.

Sidenote: Speaking about the Raptors, they may be perhaps the most schizophrenic team in the NBA. I watched the Detroit v Toronto game today, and at stages they looked like deserved league cellar-dwellers, while at other times they looked so sharp I struggled to see how they’re only left with 23 wins so far. Calderon was abusing Stuckey off the drible and looked like he would win them the game. Bosh was pretty much unstoppable in the fourth and despite his well-documented struggles and unhappiness this season, he is still one of the most complete and dangerous forces in the league. Watching the game today showed me both why Bosh is a most vulnerable ‘Franchise Player’ in this league, and also why Detroit would do everything in its power to sign him in 2010. He is a talent that has yet to establish a comfortable physical/mental equilibrium on the court, and when I ask myself how this could have happened to formally the most promising big man in the league, I’m reminded of his two post-season failures – his only two post-seasons – that probably left him scarred. The same way his fellow ’03 Draft Class buddy Melo is scarred. The mark that distinguishes them both from the success-stained playoff ventures of Wade and Lebron. A change of scenery is exactly what Chris Bosh needs, and when/if it happens, he may be just about ready to open a can of whoop-ass on the league of giant proportions.

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