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Dwyane Wade won’t win the MVP this season, but he will complete one of the most amazing individual seasons in the game’s history. I think back to Kobe’s ridiculous 2005-2006 scoring binge, an epic season for the ages where in my mind he was an overlooked MVP. I think back to Chris Paul last season, the rebirth of the 20-10 point guard and defensive menace and archetypal floor general. We have been blessed in recent years with individual seasons of ridiculous proportions that were yet not recognized as being wholly “valuable”, and you can add Mr. Dwyane Wade to that list. Except what this guy is doing tops everything.

Dwyane Wade is about to post a season containing 2000 points, 500 assists, 100 blocks and 100 steals. I feel obliged to point out that no one has done this before (at least in the modern era of available stats). You drop that to 50 blocks and a few players sneak in, like Jordan, Bird and Lebron (and even Wade himself back in 05-06). Or you drop it to 400 assists and you’ll see Kareem, Dr J, and again MJ added to the list. But no one has touched the 2000-500-100-100. How can that not equate to an MVP for Mr Wade? Well, there’s every possibility that the second man to reach 2000-500-100-100 will be Lebron James, perhaps just a few days later if he can block enough shots over the remaining weeks. And then there’s the well-established yet fundamentally flawed notion that an MVP needs to have a 50 in his “W” column to qualify, a mark Wade will probably fall short of, but a mark that seems meaningless and downright nonsensical when you’re watching this man at work.

And that is what you need to do. Forget the damn MVP race. Just keep your eyes trained on Mr Wade, cherish every second of court time he has, every slithering drive, every heart-pounding game winner, every long jumper and defensive outburst that contradicts your preconceived notion of what Dwyane Wade is. There are only so many of these moments left this season, and that makes them infinitely more valuable than any trophy.

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