OK so I’m a day late. And ‘Monday Six Pack’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘Sunday Six Pack’. Deal with it*

ONE: DETROIT IS BACK! Didn’t expect me to have anything else number 1 did you? With two wins against two of the top Eastern teams, ESPN is asking how Iverson will adjust to becoming the “next Will Bynum”?, while some are asking who needs him at all? Bob from Detroit4lyfe tells it how it is – a very good read. My own take on this? Iverson’s absence hasn’t lead to these wins, but it did wake/shake up the team, and that is probably just the shot in the arm the Pistons needed. You know, those old chip-on-their-shoulder Pistons. Those old “give us a reason to doubt us and we’ll make you look stupid” Pistons. I miss those Pistons.

TWO: For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, photos of President Obama enjoying a beer while watching the Bulls v Wiz game. That guy is so smooth.

THREE: AussieHoopsAmerica.com is auctioning off an autographed Patty Mills jersey to benefit those affected by the Victorian Bushfires. A good cause and a pretty cool jersey to have, especially when he wins ROY in 2010.

FOUR: A quick update on Aussies abroad. Andrew “AJ” Ogilvy (the guy that makes Jobba think of Andrew Bogut holding a golf club) scored a career-high 28 points against South Carolina yesterday. Nathan Jawai meanwhile (or should I say “Juwai”) has been sent to the D-League, and had 12 points and 5 rebounds in a win for the Idaho Stampede. I love tracking our Aussies abroad don’t get me wrong, but I have to start following the D-League now? C’mon Nathan. The sooner you get back in that Raptors lineup the better.

FIVE: A great read on Kevin Durant and how the Oklahoma fans have taken to him. It’s amazing how quickly this guy is rising through the superstar ranks, and how all of a sudden people want to watch OKC games. Hell, I’m planning a trip to the US in April and they were on my top 5 list of teams to see (along with Detroit, Lakers, Denver and Boston). More on that trip soon.

SIX: A lot has been written about Stephon Marbury lately, to the point where I’m sick of it and I’d rather just watch him play ball (never thought I’d say that). But this piece from sportsonmymind.com is probably the best Marbury article I’ve come across – it’s an eye-opener to say the least. Go check it out.

*I’ve been moving house this weekend, and yesterday I had a very poignant moment while cleaning my room. After moving all my furniture it came to taking down the posters from my wall, the last one being the Pistons 2004 Championship poster. Just a few days ago I remember staring up at the poster in anger, restraining myself from tearing it down in frustration at the 8-game losing streak and the complete joke of a team we had degraded into. But last night I was staring at the poster, staring at Rip and Sheed and Tayshaun, and I realised that the championship core from that team is still intact. What’s more, it’s a team with a deeper bench, a team with some explosive young players, and a team that has Allen freaken Iverson!  It was at that moment, a very fleeting moment, when I realised that this Pistons team might still have something left in the tank. I’m not about to go calling them a “dark horse”, there’s too much that remains to be seen, but if… IF this Detroit team figures it out… well, it’s enough to bring a little smile to my face.


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