ONE: Catch up on what Andrew Bogut did during the All-Star weekend over at his blog, including the reason he wore this ridiculous suit. On a serious note, Bogut talks about his injury: “My back is still the same. Some good days, some bad. Just when you think it’s starting to feel better, you will get a sharp pain just to remind you it’s not going anywhere for a while”. The Bucks have remained mighty competitive despite Bogut’s absence, so there is hope that the big man may return to a playoff-bound Milwaukee team. It won’t be at the expense of the Bulls though, I just can’t seem not being there come playoff time the way they’ve been playing lately – over the last month they’ve beaten Phoenix, New Orleans, Denver and Detroit and narrowly lost to Dallas in OT.

TWO: You all probably heard by now that Lebron James proclaimed he would be part of the 2010 dunk contest. What you may not have heard is that J-Rich wants a crack at Lebron.  Seems like everyone is on Twitter these days. Speaking of which, this is just classic.

THREE: In case you blinked, Nathan Jawai scored his first NBA points a few days ago against Cleveland. Not a stat-stuffing performance by any means, but a great achievement considering where this man has come from (i.e. the chance of never playing again barely a few months ago). Raptors Den even graded him an A! With Jermaine O’Neal going south to Miami, there is every chance Jawai will see some increased playing time. Baby steps.

FOUR: This is the news you’ve all been waiting for. The Machine now has his own website – – and it’s pretty awesome. There was a time – a very brief time – last season when Sasha Vujacic was actually my favorite player in the league. This was due to a few things: the hilarious Machine videos which were one of the best things to happen to the NBA last season, his super-emotional state on the court which borderlines on damn-annoying at times but in reality is an invaluable trait for the Lakers, and the amusing fact he’s worshiped by female fans as some sort of sexual demi-God. This is now my wallpaper.

FIVE: Remember when Santonio Holmes mimicked Lebron James’ chalk toss as a touchdown celebration at Superbowl XLIII? Well, poor Santonio forgot that the chalk toss is trademarked and he was fined $10,000.

SIX: I don’t normally make sexists posts or links, but we are a huge fan of the work at Sharapova’s Thighs and it’s only fair that we share this brilliant work with our readers. Minka Kelly is the Thigh of the Week. Enough said…

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