The NBA Blogosphere Collective has again spoken. Round 7 of the MVP/ROY rankings are up, this time being hosted by the gentlemen at Canis Hoopus. Here are my full rankings.

MVP Rankings

10 points – Dirk Nowitzki: The big German gets a chance to show his MVP worth with Terry now out of the lineup. His epic 44-point effort against Chicago was a nice start.
9 – Joe Johnson: How someone can stay this underrated for this long amazes me. No one, and I mean NO ONE, tipped Atlanta to finish fourth out East. Remember that people.
8 – Chauncey Billups: Carmelo Anthony is not an All-Star, and it’s pretty much Chauncey Billups’ fault.
7 – Brandon Roy: Another day, another buzzer-beater. This man is so clutch he sets his body clock to go off one second before his alarm does every morning.
6 – Dwight Howard: The conundrum of being 7-foot and built like a small mountain: you make 20-20 games look easy, not because you’re valuable, but because you’re built like a small mountain.
5 – Tim Duncan: You all owe Tim Duncan an apology. He is going to average 20-10 until he’s sixty-five years old.
4 – Dwyane Wade: I’ll say it again. If the Heat get to 50 wins and Wade is still putting up these stupid numbers, does Lebron or Kobe’s season really look that much more impressive?
3 – Chris Paul: “Dear God, please don’t let me be stuck in the MVP race behind Kobe and Lebron again. It happens every season, and I’m the greatest point guard of the last twenty years. I don’t mean to be impatient, but really, this is bulls**t. Yours always, Chris Paul”
2 – Kobe Bryant:  No player has ever scored 60 points with as little fuss and as little fanfare as Kobe did at MSG. He looked completely zoned out, focused but disinterested. Kinda how I look when I’m doing my laundry. That’s how mundane scoring points has become for Mamba.
1 – Lebron James: Lebron’s grip on the MVP trophy is loosening a little. He’ll still win it, but it doesn’t look as good when your team doesn’t own the best record and you were swept by your main MVP rival. In fact, it’s loosening more than you think.

ROY Rankings

5 points – Eric Gordon: Is proving himself to be a pretty lethal, and reasonably effective scorer, and is proving me wrong because I didn’t think he’d fit with Baron Davis.
4 – Brook Lopez: There are only six guys in the league averaging at least 10 points, 8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks and BL is one of them. So is Duncan, Dwight, Bynum, Camby and Kaman. Does this mean Lopez is already a Top 10 center in the league? My God.
3 – Russell Westbrook: Hey Russell here’s a clue – when you’ve missed your last 10 three-point attempts (fact) maybe you should stop shooting threes and concentrate on posterizing more people?
2 – OJ Mayo: Could very well join a select bunch of players who have averaged 20+ points in their rookie years. The last six guys to do this: Iverson, Duncan, Brand, Melo, Lebron and Durant.
1 – Derrick Rose: Bulls have put together some super impressive wins lately (Sac, Phoenix, New Orleans) and Rose has been at the centre of it. Oh yeah, and they’re only two games out of the playoffs.

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