ONE: Andrew Bogut opens up in his latest blog about his back injury, and his annoyance at an Australian journalist for blowing his alias (I won’t tell you what his alias is but it’s quite amusing). Some highlights from Andrew’s blog:

On Monday morning I had a bone scan and a CAT scan. I had dye injected into me to make the old bones a bit better and smile for the camera. Smack bang, I saw the scans myself and could see the fracture. I didn’t know what to think or say. I was pissed off, I can’t explain to you all in words how I feel about missing games. I was a little relieved because I was beginning to think I was crazy.

TWO: There’s a lot of Amare Stoudamire talk going on right now. Bright Side of the Sun is trying keep track of all the rumors, and the Detroit Bad Boys have a serious think about what the Pistons could offer. Sheed for Amare is certainly one of the more likely scenarios I’ve read, and it’s something that makes decent sense for both teams. Let the records also show that I would be completely against such a trade.

THREE: LA Ball Talk has you covered when it comes to the Radmanovic for Morrison/Brown trade, including a video clip from Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak’s thoughts. And in case you were wondering, the Morrison Trade Isn’t Really About Morrison.

FOUR: More ridiculous injury unluck. Jason Terry broke his finger in today’s Bulls game, and while the Mavs pulled out a nice victory, this has got to leave them feeling gutted. Mavs Moneyball has the post game quotes, this from Dirk: “Our trainer Casey came in and just said “he’s going to be out”, but nobody really knew what happened.  Then when we went out to warmup he came up and said “yeah, it’s broken”.  He almost had tears in his eyes.  That’s how much he cares.  We told him we got this one for him.”

FIVE: Australia’s Patty Mills has been named as a finalist for the Bob Cousy award, an honor presented annually to the nation’s top collegiate point guard. Patty’s draft stock climbs even higher. Go get behind Patty and vote for the winner over here.

SIX: Chris Webber had his number retired by Sacramento yesterday. We already did a bit of a C-Webb tribute here last season, but it’s worth reminding people of a couple more things before he dissapears completely into the post-career abyss. Chris Webber is one of the greatest power forwards of all time; the only thing that stopped him winning a title was Kobe and Shaq in their primes, and that’s enough to stop almost anybody. At his peak with the Kings the man was a walking triple-double. In fact, over the last twenty years the only players with more triple-doubles than C-Webb are Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, Grant Hill and Michael Jordan. That’s not bad company at all.

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