Bad news for the big Aussie today. After going through a series of tests and workouts this week it appears Bogut needs the time to rest and heal the stress fracture in his back. This throws the Bucks playoff hopes into disarray – he is just as important to the Bucks as Andrew Bynum is to LA or Jameer Nelson is to Orlando (two other recent injuries).

Brewhoop is tempted to start thinking about the next draft. Almost.
Bucks Diary gives them zero chance of making the playoffs.

This is really terrible news because the Bucks looked set to own the 8th spot out East. Charlie V has been playing really well, RJ is doing his thing, even with Bogut coming off the bench lately they’ve still been winning. All without their #1 guy Michael Redd who has also been ruled out the rest of the season after tearing his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments.

It’s also a sad day for Aussies, and it means we’ll most likely have follow the rest of the season without our #1 guy on the court. BogutWatch will be shut down.

We wish Andrew all the best in his recovery and hope he gets back out there as soon as possible.

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