ONE: Andrew Bynum, who has been playing out of his mind recently, has gone down with a knee injury, against the Memphis Grizzlies, and had to be carried off the court. Deja vu anyone? Of course, the exact same thing happened last year, and we all know what ensued. The Lakers still ended up #1 out West but fell short in the Finals due to a lack of defense and toughness – the exact ingredients Bynum was supposed to provide. A Stern Warning has photos and the story. UPDATE: More at NBA FanHouse and video at the Hoop Doctors.

Is it karma coming back to smack him in the face after what he did to Gerald Wallace? (With Malice chimes in on the lung-puncturing hit) If so, that is some pretty harsh karma right there.

TWO: If anyone hasn’t already seen it, go watch the recent Shaq interview on ESPN. Among other things the Big Diesel says he “always loved Kobe”, that he’s “the smartest player in the world” and that Phil Jackson is “the greatest coach ever”. I’m hoping we get at least one Kobe-to-Shaq alley-oop in the All-Star game, for old times sake.

THREE: Patty Mills has his own website! Defenitely worth checking out. Unfortunately for the little Aussie he broke his hand in Thursday night’s loss at Gonzaga, and is expected to be out for a month. Mills’ coach Randy Bennett knows just what an impact this is going to have on his St Mary’s team: “It’s going to be an adjustment. It’s not just the points, he’s a monster leader for us. Everybody has to play with confidence without him. It’s not just the Xs and Os, it’s the leadership. It will take 11 guys to get this done.”

FOUR: In case you didn’t watch the Pistons v Celtics game yesterday, Rodney Stuckey tried to break KG’s face with this dunk. He almost succeeded. If you didnt know Rodney Stuckey had hops, now you know.

FIVE: Bogut is back! Say the guys at Brew Hoop: “It’s amazing what having a big man who can finish around the hoop does for your offensive balance: all of a sudden the Bucks could give it to their center in the post and expect good things to happen.”

SIX: The All-Star reserves were named and the only guys I didn’t name were David West and Devin Harris. A lot of people have been asking me what I think about the Magic getting both Lewis and Nelson named, giving them three All-Stars, considering the Celts had two (Rondo missing out) and the Cavs only had one (Mo Williams missing out). I point those people towards this post at Third Quarter Collapse.

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