Round 6 of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings is being hosted at Red’s Army. Here are my full rankings.

MVP Rankings

10 – Shaquille O’Neal: His defensive numbers are as good as his championship season in Miami, he’s shooting a career-high from the FT stripe, and his vertical leap is back over 12 inches. The last time Shaq was this good Linsay Lohan was barely legal.

9 - Joe Johnson: Averaging 22pts-6ass-4reb through a season isn’t easy. Jordan did it three times, Kobe’s only done it once. Joe Johnson is doing it and no one even cares.

8 – Brandon Roy: Sometimes, secretly, I put on my Nike Zoom IIs and jump around my room hitting fadeaways and buzzer beaters pretending I am Brandon Roy. Sometimes I do it with clothes on.

7 – Tim Duncan: It’s f**king ridiculous that the Spurs have the second best record in the West, as of writing this, and it’s Tim f**king Duncan’s fault.

6 – Chauncey Billups: When you’re on a Carmelo Anthony team and make him seem unimportant, then you’re probably one of the more valuable players in the league.

5 – Dwyane Wade: No one in the history of the league has averaged 28 points, 7 assists, 2 steals and 1.5 blocks. Look it up. If the Heat finish within ten games of the Cavs (not impossible) does Lebron’s season really look that much more impressive than Wade’s?

4 – Dwight Howard: To be an MVP you have to be a master of the “f**k this I’m taking over the game” face. Dwight has not learnt this, but if he ever does, he will command roughly the force of a small nuclear warhead.

3 – Chris Paul: Don’t look now but the Hornets are about to snatch the #2 spot out West and Paul has actually improved from last season, which many scientists thought was physically and technologically impossible.

2 – Kobe Bryant: If Stephen Seagal and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a fight, Seagal would look way more stylish, have heaps more moves and try to out-psych his opponent through the powers of the mind. But Arnie would still beat the crap out of him, and that is why Lebron gets the nod at #1.

1 – Lebron James: He’s in the rare, rare situation where not only he is unquestionably the league’s MVP, but every one wants him to win it. Since when does that happen?

Rookie of the Year Rankings

5. Brook Lopez – Nets fans must be pretty happy with Brook’s output lately: 31-13 and 28-10 games in the last few weeks have given us all a glimpse into what the big man can do.

4. Eric Gordon – Has been phenomenal through January – leading the Clippers (and all rookies) in scoring, culminating in a 41-point outburst against the Thunder.

3. Russell Westbrook – The only rookie averaging 10-4-4 and the only rookie who makes me want to watch his crappy team.

2. OJ Mayo – One month ago it was Mayo hands down for the #1 spot, but with the Grizz having lost 16 of their last 18 (as of writing this) and his scoring average dipping, it’s just enough to drop him below Rose.

1. Derrick Rose – One thing that’s always hard to expect during a player’s rookie season is consistency, but through the first half of the season Rose has been damn consistent. It helps that his team occasionally wins games (unlike OJ).

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